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Department S DVDs
A complete DVD box-set of Department S was released in Australia in 2003

You heard it here first, probably, a complete DVD box-set of Department S was released in Australia in October 2003.

Department S 35th Anniversary Special Edition - 7 Disc Set!

Release Date - October 20 2003

Umbrella Entertainment presents the entire 28 episode series of DEPARTMENT S, digitally remastered, complete & uncut for the first time with additional special features, this is the definitive 35th Anniversary edition of a unique Cult TV classic.

It's Jam-packed with Special Features:
Exclusive Audio Commentaries With Peter Wyngarde
Production Notes
Inserted Booklet Reprint Of Original Itc Publicity Brochure
Rare Production Photographs
Image Galleries
Original Itc Publicity
Music & Effects Audio Tracks
Motion Menu
Scene Selection
Umbrella Propaganda
More To Be Confirmed...

Product description:
Inexplicable . . . Illogical . . . No Solution.

When a case proves too difficult for the worlds most respected crime agencies: FBI, SURETE, CID - they turn to the team of DEPARTMENT S. Two men, one woman - 3 extraordinary agents. The orthodox is not for this department of Interpol.

Jason King (Peter Wyngarde): an eccentric novelist, a best selling writer of crime thrillers with a vivid imagination & flamboyant personality tewart Sullivan (Joel Fabiani): a determined man of action, who utilizes is brain as well as his fists nnabelle Hurst (Rosemary Nicols): a beautiful but meticulous computer expert with an eye for detail.

Each with their own distinct method of approaching an unsolvable & bizarre crime, the team of DEPARTMENT S proves that the most illogical of situation has a logical explanation.

Produced in 1968 by ITC (The Prisoner, The Saint), DEPARTMENT S was a departure from most other mystery programs. With its intriguing adventure & off beat stories, the series was a forerunner to contemporary programs like The X Files & Jonathan Creek which take the premise of an illogical occurrence, proceed to dissect each case, leading to a fascinating & rational conclusion. The series made an international star of its leading man (Peter Wyngarde), voted by Australian women in 1971 as the world's sexiest man, leading him to his own spin off series - JASON KING.

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Department S Videos
Videos of Department S are available in the UK:

We were excited to see the release on Video and DVD of episodes of Department S. Initially released on the 26th June 2000 the reissues commenced with 2 videos:
1. Department S - episodes 1 & 2
2. Department S - episodes 3 & 4

And 1 DVD:
1. Department S - episodes 1 & 2

Unfortunatley the series of releases was not continued and these 4 videos/1 DVD are all that are currently available.

Sendit.com for information about these releases. You can also locate other ITC favourites - The Saint, The Champions, Man In A Suitcase, Danger Man, The Persuaders and Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased).

Department S - Vol 1 - Episodes 1 And 2
Six Days / The Trojan Tanker (1968)

Volume One features: Six Days, in which a missing airliner turns up but the passengers have no idea that they've lost six days, with Peter Bowles; and The Trojan Tanker, in which a mystery woman is found in a luxury suite concealed inside an oil tanker, with Simon (Doomwatch ) Oates. Also available on DVD.
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Department S - Vol 2 - Episodes 3 And 4
A Cellar Full Of Silence / The Pied Piper Of Hambledown (1968)

Volume Two features: A Cellar Full of Silence, which features four corpses in fancy-dress, with guest star Edward (Rentaghost) Brayshaw; and The Pied Piper of Hambledown, in which an entire English village, except the publican's daughter, has disappeared, with guest star Richard Vernon.
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Department S - Vol. 3 - Episodes 5 And 6
One Of Our Aircraft Is Empty / The Man In The Elegant Room

Volume three features: One of Our Aircraft is Empty in which a mystery plane lands with no one aboard, with guest star Anton Rodgers; and The Man in the Elegant Room in which a corpse and a madman are found in an antique room hidden in a disused factory, with Stratford (Softly Softly) Johns and Juliet (Adam Adamant Lives!) Harmer.
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Department S - Vol. 4 - Episodes 7 And 8
Handicap Dead / Black Out

Volume four features Handicap Dead where death is a golfing hazard when the players tee off for a grim game in which the stakes are to be found a long way from the courses; and Black Out in which the kidnapping of a food-writer has an obscure link with a new space project? Guest stars include Richard Caldicot and Sue Lloyd.

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