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 Water Restrictions and the Washing Down of Boats        by  Linda  Castle

There’s word around that the impact of water restrictions will soon be felt by us all. Boatowners will be no exception. The washing down of boats will become a problem as this is considered to be another source of water wastage. You will need to make sure you have a triggergrip hose on hand for rinsing off purposes only. You will also need to have a bucket on hand if you want to well and truly “wash” your boat.

There are however some amendments which another “authority” has informed us of. A policy has been developed whereby the surface area of your boat, (measured in square metres) will be used to determine the amount of water you may use in the bucket. A water allowance will be awarded. You must not exceed it. Smaller boats will be allowed to use the full quota of the minimum allowance as they are not wasteful when they wash, and the trigger hose spray method will rinse them off very well. These boats will continue to sparkle. Recognised as minimum water wasters are the RL24’s, Hartley 16s, Gem 550’s, Austral 20’s, Timpanny 670 and the like. These owners can continue not to worry as they will receive a more than adequate allowance. Noelex and Magnum owners are at the other end of the scale as they are bigger boats which have more surface area. Noelex and Magnum owners better bring a mighty big bucket and build up their muscles through winter to get themselves fit enough to fill and empty it onto their pride and joy.  

Final calculations are being done to work out how many buckets will be allowed for the Noelex, Magnums and other boats. We will keep you informed. Look out - the water watchers will be watching out for water wasters watching your every drop and if you believe all of the above then you’ve been taken out with the tide! Only the first paragraph is fact.