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.... A little ray of sunshine has come into my world
The function of the breed was to track!
.....This is what we do.....


TRACK & SEARCH DOG TITLE  (TSD)     at 4yrs 7mths

TRACKING  CHAMPION  TITLE  (T  CH)     at 2yrs 7mths
at 20 months

TRACKING DOG TITLE (TD) at 18 months

        4th August 2012    "Pass" rating   (TSD)   at 4yr 7mth
7th August 2010   "Good"  rating   (T CH)  at 2yr 7mth
       29th August 2009    "Good" rating
  (TDX6)  at 20mths
16th  August 2009    "Good" rating 
(TDX5) at 20mths
 11th  July 2009     "Pass"  rating
  (TDX4) at 19mths
21st  June 2009    "Good"  rating  (
TD3) at 18mths
  23rd  May 2009   "Excellent" rating
(TD2) at 17mths

The Tilly Toe Trophy is awarded!
                     Photos     Tilly Head  - by Lyn Roberts              ///              Tilly Running - by Merlene Davis              ///               Tilly Standing- by Brad Foch  

My name is Tilly, the Rhodesian Ridgeback and I live on a quarter acre block  in Highbury, South Australia. I am currently aged 5yr  still with a puppy outlook on life with a wicked sense of fun. Linda and I are into all sorts of things...... Conformation Showing, Ridgeback Raceday, visiting the local Dog Park, weekly Obedience classes and through the damper months, Tracking. My passion for Tracking sees me with nose to the ground checking out all sorts of things. It can be very rewarding at both ends of the lead so be sure to check out what we get up to on this web site. You will find some pics of me here as you learn more about the delights of owning this wonderful breed. Linda says RR's are for her so I guess I am a very much loved girl. So enjoy these pages - Links at the bottom go to all sorts of places. Now I must get back to that bone I was chomping on and then it is time for a snooze

   RSPCA  2009  MILLION  PAWS  WALK   Adelaide 17.5.2009    

The comforts of home do not go unnoticed and I have a fine appreciation of them....but it isn't like that for all our furry friends. Knowing what a lucky girl I am, Linda And I joined lots of other dogs and their human pals striding out all 4 dog paws on the pavement, strutting our stuff to help our friends at the RSPCA. Undeterred by the rain it was a great day.

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