ANNUAL  TROPHIES / AWARDS Results 2003/2004
Trailer  Sailer  Association  of  South Australia         

9.11.2003   Sponsor - Affordable Air-Conditioning  
(Fastest over the line & 1st, 2nd, 3rd places on handicap in both
divisions will be acknowledged at the 2004 Annual Dinner)

Racing Division           (9 entries)
Fastest                                    "OUT OF EXILE"                 Elliott 770
1st         Graham Swain          "SQUID  RINGS"                  Ross 650
        Graham Jones          "SECOND WIND II"             VanDeStadt 710

Mal Kamenjarin        "ARGO III"                          Beale 8
4th         Paul Brierly              "SLIPPERY WHEN WET"    Spider 22 (Modified)
5th         Nick Rench               "OUT OF EXILE"                 Elliott 770
6th         John Phillips            "THE OTHER ANNIE III"    Ross 780
7th                                          "CENTREFOLD"                  Duncanson 25
8th         John Kulas               "ICEFIRE"                            Sonata 760 Sports
9th         Colin Howard-Jones "PHOTO FINISH"                RL24dk      

Cruising Division        (14 entries)
Fastest  Warren Carey            "WHY"      (Y Sails)              Masrm 720
Geoffrey Sincock      "FREE SPIRIT"                    Compass 750
        Kieran Griffin          "WINSOME II"                     Noelex 25
3rd        John Mate
                "PLAYMATE II"                   Farr 7500
4th        Chris Edwards           "ULTIMO"                           Noelex 25
5th        Peter Tetley               "MIKELA"                           RL24sk
6th        Richard Dix               "AMARANTE"                     Catalina 250
Warren Carey            "WHY    (Y Sails)                  Masrm 720
8th        Glenn Woods             "BLUE TANGO"                  Seaway 25
9th        Colin Daly                 "PIED A MER"                     Cole 23
10th      Brian Lawrie              "FIFI  IV"                             RL24sk                                 11th                                        "ODETTE"             
12th      Ray Mylius                "CADENZA"                        
13th      John Perisce              "MYDEE"                              Holland 25  
OCS                                       "BOLD IMAGE"                          

FUNS'L  15.11. 2003  - Sponsored by Bridgestone Magill
                                         Trophy to be awarded at 2004 Annual Dinner

1st       Brian Lawrie              "FIFI  IV"                             RL24sk  

14.12.2003  (13 entries)   Sponsor Truck & Car Brake Service
(Fastest over the line & 1st, 2nd,3rd places on personal handicaps
will be acknowledged at 2004 Annual Dinner)

Fastest  Warren Carey             "WHY"        (Y Sails)           Masrm 720
1st         Peter Tetley               "MIKELA"                           RL24sk
2nd       John Perisce              "MYDEE"                             Holland 25
Geoffrey Sincock       "FREE SPIRIT"                   Compass 750
4th-13th    to be advised

7.2.2004  (11 entries - only 3 finishers)  Sponsor - Ian Wood Homes
(Fastest over the line & 1st, 2nd, 3rd places on personal handicaps
will be acknowledged at  2004 Annual Dinner)

Fastest  John Kulas                "ICEFIRE"                           Sonata 760 Sports
1st         Steven Lewis             "ODETTE"                          
Noelex 25 
2nd       John Kulas                "ICEFIRE"                           Sonata 760 Sports
3rd       Trevor Hamlyn           "GREY NURSE"
                  Noelex 25
4th-11th   non finishers

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