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This site is in loving memory of my grandfather,
Frederick Alfred Elmer, who passed away on 3rd July 1998.
We miss you.

Let me intoduce myself, my name is Paula Hadgraft, I was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, before emigrating to Australia with my parents and sisters in 1973. My hobbies are: Genealogy (of course), although that's more like an obsession, crosstitch, roleplaying, reading and archaeology.

Now that you know a bit about me, let's get down to the purpose of these pages, my genealogy.

My Family Tree: includes Hadgraft, Elmer, Shilling, Scarlett, Markham, Steed, Partridge, George and Stephenson, just to name a few.

My Documents page: Wills and Newspaper articles etc. relating to the people in my family tree.

My Photo Gallery: you guessed it, some photo's of my family and ancestors.

The HADGRAFT page: devoted to my One-Name study of the surname and it's variants.

My Favourite links: websites that I have found extremely useful in my researches on the web.

Email me on the above, if you feel that we have a connection or would like more information, I would dearly love to acquire some new cousins out there.

I wish to thank the following people for allowing me to include their connections to my tree: Alan Farmer, Mike Jones, Martin Blyth, Eileen Broadbridge, Robert Newman, Janet Blake, Annette Shilling, Joanna Harrington, Bruce Read, Ken Finch and especially my cousin Trevor Askew, (who has supplied and researched a lot of this information on my paternal side)..

If any of you find a link and would prefer to correspond with my cousin Trevor Askew in England regarding my paternal line, then he can be emailed at the following address:

Copyright: "All details of people on these pages are copyrighted by me, Paula Hadgraft and the above mentioned contributors. Posting of material elsewhere, without the express permission of said people is prohibited."

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