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Alice Maud Elmer (nee Scarlett).

Arthur Claude and Elizabeth Shilling (nee Stephenson)

Arthur Claude Shilling

Bertie, Alice Maud, Frederick & Marjory Elmer (Taken just before leaving Canada in 1918.)

Charles Robert & Violet Sybil Hadgraft (nee Shilling)

Charles Hadgraft (my father)

Charles Robert, Violet Sybil & Cyril Edward Hadgraft

Esther Shilling

Ethel Maud (Baxter) Alton, on the left & her daughter, Ethel Maud (Everson) Elmer, on the right

Ethel Maud Everson

Ethel Maud (Everson) Elmer, on the left & Ethel Maud Alton (Baxter), on the right

Hazel Elmer (my mother, taken when she was 10 mths old)

Hazel Elmer (my mother)


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