Hadgraft Family One-Name Study

Parish Registers

St. Clement's, Ipswich, Suffolk, England


1631 Jun 27 Robert Hargrave & Elizabeth Bowton
1709 Thomas Hadgreaf & Margaret Rudland (taken from index at LDS)
1820 Mar 21 William Hadgraft & Ann Butcher – Ann left her mark. Witnesses: William Beaumont & Sarah Ann Beaumont
1822 Feb 17 Benjamin Barnabas Hadgraft & Elizabeth Curtis Kerridge, spinster. He could write, she could not.
1849 Jul 10 Theodore Hadgraft, bachelor, & Elizabeth Ann Argent, spinster, both of Victoria St. Fathers: John Hadgraft & Robert Argent
1849 Oct 30 Charles Hadgraft, bachelor & Louisa Ramsey, spinster, both of St Clements. Fathers: William Hadgraft & Samuel Ramsey
1850 Feb 10 Henry Woodyard, bachelor, of St Helens & Jane Hadgraft, spinster of St Clements. Fathers: Frederick Woodyard & William Hadgraft
1864 Mar 19 William Grigson, bachelor & Eliza Hadgraft, spinster both of St Clements. Fathers: Richard Grigson & William Hadgraft
1872 Dec 25 Walter Girling, bachelor, of Duke St & Emma Hadgraft, spinster of St. Helens. Fathers: Henry William Girling & Charles Hadgraft
1874 Jun 25 Alfred Henry Alcock, bachelor & Louisa Hadgraft, spinster. Fathers: Thomas Alcock & Charles Hadgraft
1876 Dec 25 Benjamin Hullies, bachelor & Emma Hadgraft, spinster, both of St Clements. Fathers: William Hullies & John Hadgraft

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