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Welcome to the webpages devoted to my HADGRAFT One-Name Study. Here you will find details on Hadgraft families through out the world. Countries included are: England, Australia, Canada and United States.

The name originated from Ipswich, Suffolk, England, with branches of this line extending to Essex, Hampshire, Dorset, Durham, Kent and London. The Australian, Canadian and American lines also originate from this line as well. Currently the largest density exists in Lancashire, mainly around the Fleetwood area. Over the years I have been told that the name comes from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, perhaps back in the middle ages they emigrated to England, but at present there is evidence of them being in England in the 1500's.

Spelling variations that I have encounterd are:
Hadcraft / Hadcroft / Hodcraft / Hogruff / Hogroff / Hogriff / Hadgraff /
Hoggrave / Hargrave / Haggrave / Hoggraft / Haggraft / Hardgraft /
Hardgrave / Hudgraft / Hodgraft / Hograve/ Holgrave etc.

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