Reference PRC 17/52 folio 275v


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN The twenteth and firste daye of Februarie in the yere of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundreth and one and in the fower and fortethe yere of the reigne of our most gratious soveraigne ladye Queene Elizabeth dx. I Josephe Shillinge thelder of the parishe of Throwlighe in the countye of Kente beinge sicke of bodye but of good and perfecte remembraunce ( thankes be to Almightie God therefore ) do make and ordeine this my laste will and testamente in manner and forme as followethe. Firste I bequeathe my soule unto Almightie my creator hopinge by the deathe and passion of my saviour and redeamer Jesus Christe that all my synnes shalbe freelye pardoned and forgiven in him and that by him at the laste daye my soule shalbe saved. Alsoe I will bequeathe my bodye to be buried in the easte end of the parishe churchyarde of Throwley when it shall please god to call me oute of this sinnful worlde. This is my laste will and testamente concerninge my moveable goodes. Firste I give unto my daughter Paulina nowe the wyfe of Isaac Elson of the parishe of Milksteed the somme of twentye shillinge of good and lawfull monie of Englande to be paid her or her assignes by my executoe within one yere next after my decease. Item I give unto Joell and Elizabethe Gilberte the son and daughter of my said daughter Paulina eche of them twentye shillinges a pece to be paid them by executor within one yere after my decease. Item I give unto Susan Terrye the wyfe of Gabraell Terrye of Easelinge the somme of twentye shillinges of good and lawfull monie of England to be paid to her or her assignes within one yere after my decease also I give unto Arnold and Agnes the sonne and daughter of my said Susanna the somme of twentye shillinges a pece of good and lawfull monie of England to be paid by my executor unto them within one yere also after my decease. Alsoe I give unto the pore of the parishe of Throwleye aforesaid twentye shillinges of good and lawfull monie of England to be paid unto them by the disposition and appointemente of my executoe within one monthe after my decease. All my other moveable goodes not before given and bequeathed, I give and bequeathe all my debtes and legacies paid unto Abraham Shilling my sonne whome I make and ordeine my sole executor of this my presente will and testamente in the presence of Richard Goodgrome writer.

THIS IS the laste will and testamente of me the saide Josephe Shillinge concerninge all my landes tenements and hereditamentes whatsoever I will give and bequeathe unto the said Abraham Shillinge my sonne my mansion house in Throwleye called Towne Place and all my landes belonginge thereunto in Throwleye and Ospringe and none other duringe the naturall lyfe of the same Abraham my sonne. And after his decease I will and give the same my mansion house calles Towne Place and all the aforenamed landes thereunto belonginge unto Joseph Shillinge sonne of the same Abraham to have hold possesse and enioye the same house and landes unto the said Joseph Shillinge my godsonne and his heires for ever. After the decease of the said Abraham my sonne and his father, And yf it shall happen the said Joseph Shillinge my godsonne to decease withoute heires of his bodie lawfullie begotten Then I will and my minde ys that the said landes thereunto belonginge shall returne and for ever remaine unto the right heirs of the said Abraham Shillinge my sonne, William Browne his marke through me Richard Goodgrome writer, curate of Throwleye.


Translated from the latin. Probate of the above written will was granted before George Newman Doctor of Laws, Official of the Archdeacon of Canterbury etc.. on the 24th March 1601, 1601/2, to the only executor named etc.. who was sworn in common form duly to administer etc.


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