Suffolk Chronicle 30th October 1869

SAD CASE OF DROWNING - On Tuesday morning about nine o'clock, George Shilling, stone dredger, had just got his smack, the Petrel, under way from Butterman's Bay in order to beat up the river. He found it necessary to take a reef in the mainsail and he got on the boom for that purpose. He had done this, when he slid down the main sheet and was setting his foot on the taffrail when he fell overboard. He came to the surface and, swimming towards his Smack, made a grasp at the trawl head, but missed it by about two feet. He again swam towards it, but finding he could not catch it he turned and swam towards a smack belonging to Charles Howlett, which was lying at anchor on the other side of the river.

Howlett had seen him fall overboard and alarmed deceased brother Edward Shilling, who cast off the rope fastening Howlett's smack to his own, and sprang on board. Howlett up with his jib and foresail as quickly as possible, but they were unable to reach deceased in time to save his life. Drags were procured and efforts have been made to recover the body of the deceased, but up to yesterday afternoon they had been unsuccessful. Deceased was an esteemed member of the Wesleyan church, and leaves a widow and five children wholly unprovided for. The mother is in that condition which renders a further and early addition probable.


Suffolk Chronicle 11th January 1870

THE LATE ACCIDENT ON THE ORWELL.- RECOVERY OF THE BODY - Yesterday (Monday) morning B. L. Gross, Esq., coroner, held an inquest at Chelmondiston on the body of George Shilling, aged 35 years, a seaman, who was drowned off Pin Mill on the 26th October last. Charles Howlett, Ipswich, seaman, said the deceased was a smackman living at Ipswich, about 35 years of age. On the 26th October, about a quarter to nine a.m. he was on board a smack off Pin Mill. The deceased was on board his smack the Petrel, alone, and had just put under weigh to go up the river. He got on the main-sheet to get the reef earing down and as he came down his foot slipped and he went overboard. Witness was brought up in his smack about three or four boats ???? from him - deceased swam towards him and witness got up jib and foresail to try to get towards him, but before he got near him he sank- Edward Shilling ??????????- Henry Thomas proved finding the body on Friday last off Pin Mill, about 100 yards from where the accident occurred - The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death".



Fact 1: October 26, 1869, The copy of the Death Certificate has the name Edward instead of George.

Cause of Death: Accidental Death caused by drowning.


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