1871 Census:

Edward lived in Bath Street Ipswich occupation Mariner aged 73. Edward died by injuries to the head by accidently being knocked down by a horse on 5th August 1876.

An inquest was held 19th August & adjourned to 21st August 1876.

Certificate received from H. M. Jackaman Coroner. Edward died in the Parish of St. Peter Ipswich.


East Anglian Daily Times August 11th 1876.

Serious Accident Near Stoke Bridge -

On Saturday afternoon as an old man of 70, name Shillings, living in Providence Place, St. Peters, was walking near Stoke Bridge he was thrown down by a butchers horse swerving and coming into contact with him. Being unable to walk he was taken home in a cart, where he has been under the treatment of Mr. Staddon, surgeon, but has become worse and it is feared he has broken a blood vessel.


East Anglian Daily Times Saturday August 19th 1876.

The Late Accident Near Stoke Bridge -

In a former impression we reported an accident to an old man name Shillings, aged 70 living in Providence Place, St. Peters, who was knocked down on Saturday 5th inst. by a butchers cart near Stoke Bridge. The poor old man was internally injured and died on Friday. An inquest is to be held this (Saturday) morning at the Rose Inn, St. Peters by H. M. Jackaman Esq. borough coroner.


East Anglian Daily Times August 21st 1876.

The Late Accident Near Stoke Bridge -

On Saturday morning H. M. Jackaman Esq. Coroner, held an inquest at the Hostel Inn, St. Peters, on the body of Edward Shillings, an old man, 78 years of age living in Providence Street, St. Peters, who was knocked down by a horse near Stoke Bridge, on Saturday 5th inst. - Mr J. H. Staddon, surgeon, said when he first saw deceased he was in a partially conscious condition. Deceased had three or four slight cuts on the back of the head, which were bleeding. They were not large enough to necessitate strapping. There was considerable swelling of the scalp but no appearance of fracture. The brain had sustained a serious shock from the fall. The next day deceased complained of a violent pain at the back of the head. Deceased was never fully conscious. He refused to take nourishment. Deceased died on Friday from some injury to the brain, but the precise injury witness could not tell. To such an old man the shock alone would be sufficient to cause death. Deceased never imputed blame to anyone. Sarah Shilling, widow of deceased said, he was at home all day until between five and six when he started to go to Halifax Stoke. She heard no more till her daughter, Mary Ann Shilling, told her of the accident. She went down to Mr. Fisons Mill and there saw her husband sitting in a chair. He was vomiting very much. He was taken home and put to bed. He continued vomiting, till late at night. From that time till his death of Friday afternoon, he took no solid food. Her daughter told her that deceased was walking along the pavement, when a horse shied and backed on to, him. The horse fell down too, and the butcher riding was thrown to the ground. Her daughter was too ill to give evidence.

Fredrick Payne in the employ of Mr. Jackson, butcher, Westgate Street said that on Saturday afternoon the 5th inst. he was riding in the direction of Belstead Road. He had a meat basket on his arm. When opposite Mr. Fisons Mill the horse took fright at something, he believed the water in the river - caught it's feet on the kerb of the pavement and fell down. Witness saw deceased before the horse shied. Deceased was walking in the middle of the pavement.

The horse fell on to it's right side. Witness was thrown off with his right leg under the horse. Witness pulled the horse up and saw the deceased lying on the pavement on his back. Witness helped deceased into a chair.

At the time of the accident the horse was going at about six miles an hour. The horse was given to shying, but had never before done so at the bridge. The inquiry was at this point adjourned till 10 O'clock on Monday, for the attendance of a witness named Lillingstone, employed at the East Anglian Daily Times, who witnessed the occurence.


East Anglian Daily Times August 22nd 1R7G.

Ipswich Cemetery Edward Shilling 78 yrs, St. Peters Aug 21st.


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