1871 Census Address was Wherstead Road Ipswich Arthur was aged 2, from Ipswich.

1886 / 87 Arthur was a member of a crew of seaman on board a ship called "Star of the Sea". Official No. 10157, registered Port Ipswich. Port No. Two 1865 and date of register 3rd March 1865. Registered Tonnage 102, number of Seaman for whom accommodation is certified 10. The Registered Owner was F.A.Christie, address Lower Brook Street, Ipswich. Name of Master W. Ely, address 42 Gower Street, Ipswich. Distance in feet and inches between the centre of the disc, showing the maximum load line in salt water and the upper edge of lines indicating the position of the ships decks above that centre......1 ft 8 inch. The scale of provisions was "Sufficient without waste". Members of the crew were William Ely..Master, Charles Osborne..Mate, W.M.Newson..AB, Arthur.W.Ely..OS, W.Manning..OS, Walter Seager..OS, Frederick.A.Smith..OS, Arthur Shilling..Boy, Albert Bullard..OS, Walter Seager..Boy. T.G.Pickering witnessed Arthurs engagement for this voyage. Arthur was paid £2.15s per voyage.


July 1st. lying in Ipswich Dock

August 5th Port of Ipswich arrived at Seaham August 8th.

August 16th Port of Seaham arrived at Ipswich August 19th.

September 6th Port of Ipswich arrived at Seaham September 8th.

September 15th Port of Seaham arrived at Ipswich September 21st.

October 13th Port of Ipswich arrived at Hartlepool October 16th.

October 22nd Port of Hartlepool arrived at Seaham October 22nd.

November 3rd Port of Seaham arrived at Ipswich November 8th.

November 27nd Port of Ipswich arrived at Seaham December 5th.

December 18th Port of Seaham arrived at Ipswich December 29th.

Lying in Ipswich Dock until January 4th 1887.

1891 Census Address was 92 Wherstead Road, Ipswich. Arthur was aged 22. Occupation Seaman. PRO fiche 125 St. Mary Stoke page 33 schedule 204. from Ipswich.


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