Here are a few pics of the turbo's I've fitted to my car over the years - click on the thumbnails for larger images


This was my Hi-flow TD05H 14B. It has a Garret T3 compressor wheel machined to fit and a back-cut exhaust wheel. It is rated at 350hp at 22psi. It was too laggy for my 1.6L engine so I sold it!


I had this turbo on the car after the turbo to the left came off. It's a bog stock TD05H 14B from a GVR4. The exhaust housing has been machined to match my Evo exhaust manifold.

A Comparison of the two turbo's side by side.



A comparison of the exhaust housings (The left one is the ported (evo inlet size size) housing. On the right is the stock TD05 060 housing). It cost me $50 to get it ported!


This is a stock CC Lancer GSR turbo. It's a TD04L 13G. The td05 didn't spool up fast enough for my liking so I put this one on after waiting months for various parts to arrive!

This is the TD04 9B turbo - the stock turbo off my 4g61t. It spooled up quickly but ran out of puff too quickly! It has since been sold.

So I've gone from a TD04 9b (040 exh housing) to a modified then stock TD05 (060 exh housing) and now to a TD04 13G (050 exh housing). This turbo comes on like a light switch and gives more top end then the 9b but the top end is far from that of the 14b.

Another pic of the CC GSR TD04 13G

And yet another! News just in - turbo has been installed and Dyno-tuning complete. Refer to the front page for more info.

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