Interior - Click on pics to enlarge


My Greddy  Profec A Boost Controller and HKS Type 1 Turbo Timer. It also measures 0-100 kp/h, 1/4 mile and is a volt, rev and speed meter to name a few of the functions!

This is my Clarion V-net 450 (4*50W RMS) It drives two 4" front speakers (in the stock location) and a pair of rear 6*9's. I also cut a clear sheet of Perspex to protect it from luggage and the like!

This is my boot mounted battery. Once I make a shorter intake I may relocate it back to the front. But for now it sits back here to make room for the air box,



This is my custom rear parcel shelf which I made out of MDF. I also covered it with a layer of black felt to make it look factory. It is easily removable - allowing me to make use of the hatch space when required.

Here is the view from the drivers seat (well of the instrument cluster anyway). One time I was pulled over by the police and they noticed my A pillar mounted boost gauge right away - so I went home and mounted it here (with Velcro) so it's easily removable from sight.


This is the view from the passengers side. I like to keep my car clean! The previous owner was a mother with a child and they kept it in pretty good condition. Not bad considering the car is over 12 years old now!

Here is another shot of the interior.

Finally - here is a pic of my glove box where my Apexi SAFC (Super Air Flow Controller) and ITC (Ignition Timing Controller) live. They are both secured once again by Velcro and can be taken out for ease of tuning

Data Logger

My latest toy is my Palm data-logger which taps into the ECU to read (and log if required) each and every variable that the engine sees! It is a very basic design consisting of only one Diode and one Resistor! Yep you heard it right - it's that easy!

Follow this link for a list of parts required and a simple wiring diagram! Datalogger Construction diagram

Once you make it - plug it into your diagnostic port, then plug the serial cable end into your laptop or palm. Then it is just a matter of downloading the appropriate software (I use MMCD which is free MMCD site)


This is my laptop logger cable


A shot of the logger in action.


Just remember that if you are making any timing adjustments - you need to disconnect the logger.

Also - I have found that this cable is only suitable for US and AUS spec Ecu's. I have also heard that it also works on single board Jap Spec Ecu's but I have never tried it myself so I can't comment on that.




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