This is my Jap Spec GVR4 intercooler which I bought from NZ (they are easier to find over there). I mounted it myself and modified some stock GVR4 intercooler plumbing, in conjunction with the stock 4g61t side-mount intercooler plumbing to make it all fit.

There are 3 custom brackets that I made out of aluminium that hold it up.




This is a pic with the bumper back on.

This is my cooler remounted (a little lower) and painted black courtesy of $2 Home brand paint :) I also re-routed the intercooler plumbing as it was squashed between the alternator and radiator previously. It is only a fraction longer now and is not obstructed or crushed at all. It now runs atop the exhaust manifold then behind the headlight and straight to the intercooler inlet.



Here is the painted and remounted cooler with the bumper back on. I moved it down to expose more of the core and also in towards the body of the car to make it less conspicuous. The bottom section of the bumper was also cut to to allow for more airflow and ease of fitment. At night you can hardly see it - during the day it is a little too obvious for my liking so I plan to use some fly wire mesh to hide it.


Here is the mutant piping re-routed to clear the alternator and radiator. It is a mix of GVR4 piping and stock 4g61t piping. I only had to cut the brace next to the headlight and trim a piece of plastic that stuck out of the headlight to make it all fit. It sure beats being crushed by the alternator and radiator!


This is where the top pipe leads to and snakes to the cooler. There are 3 separate pipes joined together from the turbo outlet to the cooler inlet.

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