FS: CB Lancer GSR 132KW @ the wheels – 4g61t Mirage Cyborg engine conversion (1.6 DOHC Turbo EFI)


 Owned since 1998, this car has been painstakingly cared for, modified and serviced by myself.

Engine transplant was completed in 2000 (10,000km 4g61t JAP spec import engine pulled from a 4wd Mirage Cyborg) Since then, approx 20k has been spent on the mechanics and suspension (I have receipts for all work/parts)

Engine has just clocked 110k’s  (Timing belt, Water Pump, Oil pump, all tensioners and pulley’s replaced at 90’ks) and car body has completed 280k’s.

I have a full spreadsheet of when all services etc were completed (oil/filter/sparks etc changed 5k intervals using only fully synthetic oils). I also have a spreadsheet listing all major modifications (with accompanying receipts)

The exterior has been left stock for the sleeper appeal (apart from the front bar which has been cut to accommodate a front mount vr4 cooler – this is hidden behind mesh) and the interior has been kept in pristine condition.

It is a fun little car to drive, doesn’t attract any attention (from the police or other drivers) and is very economical as well! Avg 400kms to 40L.

I recently had it dyno’d and it made 132kw @ the front wheels… this is with a tiny td04 13g (Dyno Dynamics Roller Dyno). The car has lots of potential in terms of power (changing turbo to a VR4 14b, Evo 16g etc. – I have kept the turbo small to keep it torquey. Even dropping in a 2L VR4 Engine is a straight bolt in!)

Regrettable sale but it is time to move on…


Please browse my website for specs/mods etc.





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