CB LANCER GSR (1991 5dr Hatchback - C73A)

132 KW @ The Wheels

a.k.a Colt / Mirage Turbo in the states and Japland

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SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! MY CAR IS GONE (25-8-04)! Hopefully the new owners have as much fun with it as I did - When/If I get a new car ill update this site.

Welcome to my website - here you will find pics of the build up of my car from its humble beginnings.

It is a 1991 CB Lancer GSR - 5dr Hatchback (C73A). Originally fitted with a naturally aspirated 1.6L engine, good for 90 kw @6000 RPM and 144Nm at 5000R RPM. Whilst driving along at 110kp/h on the motorway, a broken timing belt saw the demise of the old engine!

So what did I do? My initial research led me to the 4g63t 2.0L DOHC TURBO engine as found in the Galant VR4/EVO's but VICROADS legislation would mean that my car would need to be engineered (as it would take the capacity over 25% that of the original factory fitted engine) hence that idea was scrapped!

After being quoted $3k just to rebuild the engine I was dissatisfied and thought there had to be another alternative! That's when I came across the 4g61t - a factory turbo variant (and hence a straight bolt in!) of my original engine in what is called a Mirage Cyborg R (4wd Jap ) or Colt GT Turbo (FWD US)

You can contact me on email at onnzo@optusnet.com.au if you want to know more or have any feedback.

I'd also like to give a BIG THANKS to the guys on www.4g61t.com for all their help as well! Without their help my car probably wouldn't be running. Either that, or some mechanic would be really rich!


News just in! I finally got my car dyno'd on 17-7-04 after many years of ownership! It pulled 132kw @ the wheels (approx 180hp) on a dyno dynamics dyno. The car has been running with A/F ratio's of 16:1 for 100,000kms and 3 years and it is a testament to the strength of the engine that it is still alive!

The tune didn't increase max power but it did improve the drivability of the car 10 fold, A/F Ratio's are now at a safe 12:1 across the rev range.

The dyno chart can be viewed here (Dynochart)