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(aka Oakcrest Black Diamond)
Bearded Collie
DoB: 10/10/03
Height: 21 3/4 " (555mm)
Sonic Page We have had Sonic since he was 8 weeks old. He already showed the trademark Beardie bounce. Hopefully he will have lots of fun playing agility and flyball. We may get time to do some other canine sports, but either way we will be do it the Beardie way. He already loves to play tug and follow anybody around the yard.

Sonic has been to puppy preschool and loved playing with all of the other puppies. He then went off to basic obedience classes where he is had a great time. He just loves every person and more so with other dogs. He completed a foundation agility class and because he had so much fun, he is did it again.

At Christmas time, Sonic had a go at herding sheep, he thought that was lots of fun. He had nice balance and was fairly gentle with the sheep. I don't think we will be making a career out of it though.

At 17 months Sonic ate lots of seeds from the Cocoas palms out the back. He become very ill and had to spend a few days at the vets, where they gave him a most awful haircut. He made a full recovery and we thank them for that, but it took many months for his beard to grow back.

Sonic is now 18 months and has just started competing in agility. He is coming along nicely and is having a great time. He really loves to jump.

Sonic has just turned 3. He is just a delight to own and have around the place. His agility is improving all the time. Our teamwork is developing well and we are learning from each other more and more. He still loves to lounge around the house. Water is Sonic's favourite pastime: drinking it, swimming, digging in water, dunking his head and best of all jumping on me when he is wet.

Sonic is now 4 and is improving his agility skills all of the time. He loves his new mate - Spaghetti. He no longer needs to deal with grumpy old Border Collies. Beardie romps are so much fun.

2005 - First Clear round in May. Earned his Australian Agility Dog title 24th July. Earned his Jumping Dog title 19th November.
2006 - Earned his Agility Dog title 28th January. Earned his Senior Australian Agility Dog title on the 26tb March. Earned his Jumping Dog Excellent title in June. Earned his Australian Agility Team Dog in August. Earned his Agility Dog Excellent in September. Earned his Master Australian Agility Dog title in October. Earned an ADAA Bronze Medallion. Earned his Australian Agility Games Dog and Australian Agility Champion titles in December.
2007 - Earned his 1st International Certificate. Earned his MAAD2, ADAA Gamblers Dog, Strategic Pairs Dog titles. ANKC Novice Snooker Dog. Earned an ADAA Silver Medallion.
2008 - Earned his Agility Dog Open, Jumping Dog Open, Jumping Dog Masters, Novice Gamblers Dog titles. QLD State titles - 1st place Excellent Strategic Pairs, 2nd place Novice Gamblers. Dogmania - Won the Maxi Agility Final. Agility Nationals - 1st Novice Gamblers, 3rd Masters Jumping.
Grand Prix - Maxi Steeplechase winner, Maxi Individual All Round Challenge - 3rd, Maxi Individual Agility Challenge - 1st, Maxi Individual Games Challenge - 1st, Maxi Combined Team Challenge - 2nd 2 Guys, 2 girls and an agility course - 2nd. Earned his MAAD3 title. Earned an ADAA Bronze Medallion.

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14 Months

14 Months

14 Months

14 Months. PLenty of Mischief

14 Months - With Cosmo, partner in crime.
Oh No
17 Months - Should not have eaten those seeds,
look what the vet did to me.

14 Months. First time herding sheep.

17 Months

17 Months
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December 06 - The weekend he earned his Australian Agility Championship.
Christmas 07
Grand prix 07
Grand Prix 07
Grand Prix 07
Grand prix 07
Grand Prix 07
Grand Prix 07
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Grand Prix 07
Grand Prix 07
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