Welcome to Skye's Page. Welcome to Skye's Page.
(aka "Princess" & Auldbrig Touch O'Rythm)
Blue Border Collie
DoB: 17/3/95 (St Patrick's Day)
Height: 475mm
Skye is David's dog, although she has competed with Natalie her whole career. David did train her for the first 12 months. Skye is besotted by David, although she walks all over him. She can have her sweet times but is often very cheeky. She barks when she is locked outside and we are inside. She catches birds if I am late feeding her. If you go mad at her she goes and tells Nitro off. So I think she is very, very cheeky.

Skye has had many tragic experiences in her life. Once she attacked the lawnmower and the blades chopped into her foot. Luckily she recovered. Another time Skye was attacked by two large dogs. She was severely injured, with 1/3 of her skin ripped off her. She had 300 internal and 100 external stiches as well as four drains. It took her many months to recover. There has been a few other minor mishaps but she is still here, happy and healthy. Nine lives for her.

Skye loves doing just about anything for food treats. She excels at Agility, Flyball and tricks. Her trick repetoire includes spinning, roll over, walking backwards, weaving in and out of your legs, jumping over your back and many more including shake hands. She hates obedience, especially the stays. Her favourite food is chicken, Natalie has given up counting how many she has stolen off the kitchen bench. She happily steals any other food as well, but chicken is her favourite, her neck seems to grow an extra foot to reach the back of the kitchen bench.

Her career highlights include:
1998 - Earned her Australian Agility Dog & Agility Dog titles.
1999 - Earned her Senior Australian Agility Dog & Agility Dog Excellent title.
2000 - Earned her Master Australian Agility Dog title. ADAA Grand Prix Maxi Team Challenge - Runner-Up (Renegades). ADAA Maxi Dog of the Year - Fourth
2001 - Earned her Australian Agility Team Dog title. ADAA Grand Prix Maxi Team Challenge Winner (Box-A-Bits). ADAA Midi Dog of the Year - Winner. ADAA Grand Prix Midi Individual Challenge - Third. FCAD Winter Classic - Midi Winner.
2002 - Earned her Australain Agility Games Dog, Australian Agility Champion, Jumping Dog, Flyball Dog Excellent (at her first comp) & MAAD2 titles. ADAA Grand Prix Midi Individual Challenge Winner. ADAA Midi Dog of the Year - Third. IAL - Midi Dog of the Year - Fourth, Part of the ADAA Qld winning IAL Midi Team of the Year.
2003 - Earned her Flyball Dog Champion & MAAD3 titles.
2004 - After 10 months off for injury, Skye came back and has performed extremely well. September - one of the first 2 dogs to earn an International Certificate in the new ADAA Advanced class. Eukanuba Grand Prix - 5th place Midi Individual Challenge and 2nd place Maxi Team Challenge (The Golden Years).
2005 - Earned an ADAA Bronze Medallion.
2006 - Earned her Gamblers Dog and MAAD4 titles. Earned her Jumping Dog Excellent and Jumping Dog Master titles. Earned an ADAA Silver Medallion. Skye transferred to the Regular Programme Register at age 11.5. Earned her Regular Snooker Dog, Regular Australian Agility Games Dog and Regular Master Australian Agility Dog and Regular Excellent Agility Dog titles. Won the Veterans class for Midi dogs in the ADCQ Pointscore.
2007 - Earned her Regular Australian Jumping Dog, RAAGD3, RAAGD4, RMAAD6, RMAAD7, Agility Dog Open, Jumping Dog Open, Agility Dog Master, JDM2, Strategic Pairs Dog, Snooker Dog Novice titles.
Grand Prix - 1st Regular Open Midi Allround Challenge and 1st Regular Open Midi Agility Challenge.
2008 - She went on to compete all year, earning her RAJD2 in May & RMAAD8 in October and finally retired in December 2008 at almost 14 years of age, gaining a clear round in her last run.

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