Welcome to Shadow's Page. Welcome to Shadow's Page.

(aka "Turaminna Dream Shadow")
Miniature Chestnut Pinto Horse
12Dec94 - 26May08
Height: 8.175 hh or 33.75 inches

We purchased Shadow in March 1999 as a four year old stallion. We kept him entire until September 2001. We are glad of the experience but very glad that we now have a nice quiet gelding. Shadow is very affectionate and loves to be with us, not as much as eating mind you. He often comes on holidays with us. He travels in the back of our ute, where he can see the world go by.

Shadow was broken into harness by Natalie during the first year that we owned him. This was a huge experience with lots of much appreciate advice from many people. Natalie didn't even know how a bridle went together let alone an entire harness. By the time Christmas came along, we had managed to purchase a complete harness and small jogger. After months of long reigning, finally we were mobile. We now go to lots of shows and club days, normally competiting against much larger horses. We have lots of fun. Shadow's favourite events are precision driving or cones. We also compete in show driving, dressage and mini marathons (although he only really loves the obstacles). We have even made a little webbing harness to take to the beach and Shadow pulls the Boogie board in the shallow water for us to ride on. In 2002 we tried our hand at tandems (2 horses one after each other) and loved it. So we set about finding ourselves a matching Mini to put with Shadow. That's when Willow came into our lives. Shadow can't wait 'till she is up and going, because then he only has to do half the pulling.

Shadow also likes to jump hurdles, with his highest jump being 42.5 inches. He is not very good at doing in hand trail though, he is too stubborn for that.

Due to Natalie studying at Uni and moving house, 2003 was a quite year for Shadow. Just a few shows. We tried our hand at Indoor Derbies and loved it. Flying around in harness in the sand arenas is great fun. It is a timed event where the driver has to negotiate obstacles around a set course. It is best done with a pair of horses, so now we are in the process of training Shadow and Willow up for Pairs. All we have so far is our harness and a training jig that the horses drag along. 2005 has been a lot of fun with the horses going as a pair. They love it, so much better when you have company. Our first show was at Greenbank and they went really well. Probably won't get to too many this year.
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Highlights of his career include:
2001: AMHA Nationals - 1st Novice Harness Horse, 1st Open Harness Horse, 1st Novice Obstacle Horse, 2nd Open Obstacle Horse, Champion Harness Horse.
Qld Driving Society State Championships - 1st Cones NE 11hh.
MHAA Qld State Championships - 1st Stallion in Harness, 1st Obstacle Harness, 2nd Touch Of Class Harness, Champion Harness Horse.
Redcliffe Show - Reserve Champion Harness Horse.
Ekka - 2nd Sulky Turnout NE 14hh, 1st Tradesman Turnout NE 14hh.
2002: Qld Driving Society State Championships - 1st Novice Pony Ne 9.2hh, 2nd Dressage NE 9.2hh, 1st Cones NE 9.2hh.
Australian Carriage Driving Society National Show - Champion Driven Multiples (with Sovereign).
Ekka - 2nd Sulky Turnout NE 14hh, 1st Tradesman Turnout NE 14hh. 1st Novice Pony NE 12.2hh.
MHAA Qld State Championships - Reserve Champion Harness Horse, Champion Precision Driving, Reserve Champion Touch of Class Harness.
MHI Qld State Championships - 2nd Gelding in Harness, 2nd Show Jumping, 3rd Fault & Out Jumping.
Equitana/MHI - 1st Gelding in Harness, 2nd Cones, 3rd Points Game, Champion Harness Horse
2003: This was a quite year for us, but we did have some success at Indoor Derby racing. Shadow won the overall pointscore for singles on the Multi Day.
2004: Again a fairly quite year, however we got ourselves a pairs harness and have started to break Shadow and Willow in to go together in a new vehicle. Shadow came 2nd overall in the Indoor Derby series (3 rounds).
2005: Shadow won the State titles Cones driving - singles against all size horses.
2007: Taught little Bourbon a few things about manners and ettiquite in the paddock that his mum was not going to do.

After a few years resting in the paddock whilst Natalie finished off her uni and got settled in new jobs, Shadow's life came to a sudden and tragic end. Sadly he was taken from us too early, but at least we had the opportunity to let him go quickly and as painfree as possible. Shadow died from toxic poisoning, but he will be remembered for all that he brought to our family. We had many happy kms together and lots of fun. Sadly not enough, he was gutsy to the end. What a sweet, dear little man. We miss him dearly.

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Photo Gallery
Shadow - 2000 Redcliffe Show July 2002 holidays
At home AMHA Nationals 2001
Brisbane Ekka 2002 Christmas holidays - 2000
Tandem with Sovereign - 2002 Brisbane Ekka - 2002
The Brisbane River near our place Cooling off
Buster cubes are fun Resting
Shadow - ready to go Watching over Will
December 02 Drought Season