Welcome to Our Page. Welcome to Our Page.

Natalie and David have been together since 1994. We love spending time with our whole family. We got married on 7th December 2001.

David is an Electronic Engineer and has worked in a variety of fields. He loves the sport of Cricket and spectating almost anything else. He is chief animal spoiler, always letting them get away with stuff.

Natalie is an Aircraft Technician and is currently studying a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies/Education at University. She likes to play Touch Football and absolutely loves spending time with and training the animals. She has a passion for operant conditioning training or better known as "Clicker Training". All our animals are trained this way. She has been training dogs since 1988 and horses since 1999. Natalie has been on the Board of Directors of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd. since 1994 and has been a judge for ADAA since May 1996. She has also been on the committee of the Agility Dog Club of Queensland since 1995, where she also instructs and calls home as far as agility training goes. Natalie was awarded an ADAA Bronze Handler Award in early 2003 and awarded Life Membership in October 2004. After retiring Skye in 2003 from Flyball, Natalie commenced judging Flyball in 2004.

We love going on camping holidays where we can take our whole family, though occasionally they stay home. We hope our next animal will be a Bearded Collie in early 2004.
We hope that you enjoy our home page and would love to hear feedback from you.

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On our wedding day March 97
On holidays
December 02
December 02 Camel Trek
Big Turkey Zooming around
Nat in Switzerland
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