Welcome to Buddee's Page. Welcome to Buddee's Page.

A Grand Old Man
(aka "Agility Monster")
Border Collie
15/6/88 to 24/12/03
Height: 485mm
Buddee was Natalie's constant companion through her teenage years, acquiring him when she was 13 years old. They shared every school holidays wandering along the beach. Buddee was the first dog Natalie trained (poor dog, luckily Natalie has learnt a lot since then and had the chance to make amends to her best friend when she commenced Clicker training in 1996). Buddee tolerated Obedience and loved Agility, Charity Fun Runs, car rides, beach swimming, ball chasing & Flyball. After much training, he began competing informally in 1991, followed by sanctioned competitions in 1992.

Highlights of his career include:
1992 - Ripped up the car seat of Natalie's parents car.
1993 - Earned his Companion Dog Obedience title, Agility Dog title.
1994 - was his holiday year, while Natalie was off training in the Airforce.
1995 - Earned his Australian Agility Dog title at the first ever ADAA competition. ADCQ Maxi Novelty Agility Dog of the Year - Winner. RDOC - Agility Perpetual Shield - Winner
1996 - IDOC Handler competitions - Highest Scoring Agility Dog - Winner 1997 - Earned his Companion Dog Excellent Obedience title. Inaugural ADAA Agility Nationals - Maxi Team Event - Winner (Madhatters). RDOC Open Obedience Perpetual Shield - Winner
1998 - Earned his Senior Australian Agility Dog title. Pedigree Pal Agility Nationals - Maxi Winner and won trip to the FCI World Agility Championships in Slovenia. ADCQ Maxi Agility Dog of the Year - Winner.
1999 - Earned his Master Austalian Agility Dog title. Retired from competition at age 11 years.
2000 - Ripped up curtain at Natalie's mother's house.

Buddee lived until he was 15 and 1/2 and lived as a companion to Natalie's mother since he retired in 2001. He had a health scare in September 2001, where he started fitting. We got him some medication to stop that and he seems to have stopped them. We visit him regularly and drag him off to the beach where he just barks and barks and barks... Nothing's really changed, he's just a little slower now. He is now at the beach in the sky, herding lost friends together, at peace with the world. Thanks to a mate that made not going to agility a crime. He showed me the love of a sport and the many friends I have made along the way. Thanks old fella....

Photo Gallery
With Natalie on her wedding day, age 13 1/2
Age 11, day he earned MAAD Doing what he loves best
Nationals 1998
Young meets old, age 15 1/2 yo