The Wangaratta to Whitfield Narrow Gauge Railway

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map of the line.Stations on the line:
Wangaratta | Targoora | Laceby | Oxley
Skehan | Docker | Byrne | Moyhu
Angleside | Claremont | Dwyer | Edi
Hyem | King Valley | Jarrott | Pieper | Whitfield

The map is part of the Victorian Railways map published on 1/10/1943. I have included surrounding railways for reference.

Unlike all of the other Victorian Railways narrow gauge lines, this line did not traverse hilly country. The grades and curves were gentle. It was built as a narrow gauge line to save money, and to act as a test bed for other proposed narrow gauge lines. (There was some debate as to whether 2' gauge would be a better choice.)

Please Note: I have found a more accurate source of distances along this line and have adjusted the distances given to reflect these more accurate figures. I must add that it is my presumption that the figures I now use are the best available. This may not be so.

Bill Russell 13/12/2009

gradient diagram

Building of the Wangaratta Whitfield line began on 1/3/1898. The line was officially opened on 14/3/1899. The line closed beyond Moyhu to trains on February 1952 due to bush fire damage. After that, the small amount of traffic was handled by a motor trolley. The last train ran on 6/10/1953, the last trolley on 10/10/1953.


This line was operated on the train staff system. As far as I can make out tickets were not used for trains; an instruction on 17/4/1899 stated that all trains must carry the staff. However tickets were used for the Postal Motor. An instruction issued on the 28/7/1952 indicated that the Postal Motor would travel by staff ticket on the down between Wangaratta and Whitfield on Mondays and with neither staff nor ticket on the up journey to Moyhu on Tuesdays when the weekly goods train ran from Wangaratta. The Postal Motor ran from Moyhu to Wangaratta as a track machine, thus not being part of the safeworking system.

During World War I signals were provided at Wangaratta and Whitfield. Until 1937 trains were operated from Whitfield. In 1937 there was a weekly service from Wangaratta departing at 3.00 am Thursday returning to Wangaratta at noon. An additional train ran to Moyhu and return on Thursday afternoon if traffic required it.

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