Un-named Siding

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Moe - Walhalla Line

Part of Construction Plan

This was an unnamed spur siding with the connection at the up end. Peter Medlin says that the rails from the siding were relocated to Gould. This would date the closure of this siding at around 1913-14.

Thanks to Peter who supplied the plan (left). I added the blue to make the track more visible.

For about 18 months construction stopped on the line supposedly due to lack of funds. This station was the temporary terminus during this time. I believe that this was a construction siding for the bridge over the Tyers River. The previous station would have provided run around facilities for trains.

There are many photographs published, the captions of which claim to show a three road station at this site. I am sure that some of them are of the previous station, and I am equally sure that the plan shown here shows the only siding at this site. Was the temporary closure due to lack of funds or were the officials considering abandoning the whole project?

Distance from Moe9 m 62 ch15.73 km
Distance from Walhalla16 m 18 ch26.10 km

Map 8121-1-4 Moondarra
Lattitude 38° 4' 22" S
Longitude 146° 21' 8" E

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