NC Van

NC2The NC guard's vans were originally classed NDD. In the 1910 reclassification they were classified NC. Apart from the windows and height they were externally the same as the NBC vans.

Inside there were benches along both side walls. One end was equipped with a small guard's compartment. This had two corner seats, two desks with ticket selling windows and a letter rack. A novel feature was a folding dog cage under one of the benches.

NC2 interior

The Puffing Billy Railway has modified NC2 to provide emergency seating for passengers and work crews at one end.


The Victorian Railways modified NC5 by fitting a stove in the guard's compartment. This was done when NC5 was on the Beech forest line. The stove only heats the inside, leaving the Guard to get frozen when he or she looks out.

The small window is for selling tickets at stations. It was usual for the gudyards to act as travelling ticket sellers and station masters.


The interior of NC 2 showing the benches, folding dog kennel underneath the bench, and in the far corner a vertically mounted hand brake. If the side doors were closed the interior could become very dark.

For some reason the hand brake was placed at the other end of the vehicle to the guard's work desk. It seems a poor design.

I don't know why #2 is heavier that #5.

Vehicle Length25 feet 2 inches ( 7671 mm)
Coupled Length27 feet 4 inches (8330 mm)
Width6 feet 3 inches (1905 mm)
Weight#2 9 tons
#5 8 tons
Capacity#2 10 passengers, 4 tons
#5 4 tons.
Built1909 - 1919
Number Built6
In use NC 2 & 5
To be restoredNC 3 & 6

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