(second series)

These second class carriages were entirely different from the first series. Externally they were almost identical to the NABAB cars built about the same time. Their dimensions were identical, even down to the extra space in the centre compartment as can be seen by the spacing of the windows.

The cars had five compartments with a swing door either side of each. (The NABs had six compartments.) Each was a 5 foot 4½ inch ( 1638 mm) long with a smoking compartment at one end, No lavatories were provided.

The Puffing Billy Railway built a guard's compartment built in 24 NB. This reduced the passenger capacity to 36. The car retained its classification as NB in an attempt to emphasise that this was only a temporary conversion. The NBC classification was already in use. One day the guard's compartment will be removed and the vehicle returned to the classification of NB.

The gurd's compartment has a radio, air brake taps and gauges but no hand brake.

Vehicle Length29 feet 6 inches ( 8992 mm)
Coupled Length31 feet 4 inches (9550 mm)
Width6 feet 7 inches (2007 mm)
Height9 feet 9 inches (2972 mm)
Weight11 tons
Capacity40 passengers, or
36 with guard's compartment.
Built1906 - 1915
Number Built17
In use NB 24
Future restorationNB 14, NB?*

* This car was rescued in 2010 from inside an old house at Ocean Grove. .It is thought to be 8NB, 15NB or 16NB. When we restore the carriage we should find the number stamped on a window frame.

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