NB (first series)

These second class carriages were entirely different from the second series. They were saloon carriage with end platforms. A smoking compartment for men was at one and a ladies compartment with lavatory at the other. The cars had a long saloon with the seats arranged longitudinally, the passengers sitting with their backs to the windows. A clerestory roof ran the length of the saloon and end compartments. Entrance was via a central door on the end platform which had steps provided at each side.

They were originally run in conjunction with the NBC car-vans, the latter providing the toilet accommodation for men. A gate in the railing across the end platform opened to provide access between the NB and the NBC.

The vehicles were built on what would become the Victorian Railways' standard narrow gauge vehicle frame, used for all vehicles (except the NABAB and second series NB cars). NB 5 was equipped with a vertical hand brake at one end to enable it to be used as the last vehicle of a train.

When the Puffing Billy Railway rebuilt these vehicles they placed the seats 2 + 2 crossways with a central aisle. The seats were placed back to back thus placing a group of four passengers face to face with each able to look out both sides of the train. The cars were restored to a very high standard with carpeted floor. The snoking compartment was eliminated, The lavatory compartment was used as a guard's compartment.

The Puffing Billy Railway classed these as NBD to indicate their use as a trailing vehicle with guard's accommodation. When NB 1 is restored it is intended to not include a guard's compartment.

NB 1 was returned to service in December 2005. It was restored to original condition with the two end compartments, one of which included a ladies lavatory, and seats in the saloon, backed to the walls. As this carriage was the first ever built for the Victorian Railways Narrow Gauge the restorers took great care with it, as befits its great historical importance.

In July 2006 conversion started on NB5 to make it a temporary kitchen car for the luncheon/dinner train. It has had the seating removed from the saloon and kitchen gear is to be installed. Eventually a kitchen car will be constructed and NB5 restored to passenger accommodation.

Body Length20 feet 6 inches ( 6248 mm)
Vehicle Length25 feet 2 inches ( 7671 mm)
Coupled Length27 feet 4 inches (8330 mm)
Width6 feet 3 inches (1905 mm)
Height9 feet 5 inches (2870 mm)
Weight8 tons
Capacity16 passengers
Built1898 - 1904
Number Built6
In use NBD 1, 2, 5
Awaiting restoration1*

* This car was rescued in 2010 from inside an old house at Ocean Grove. .It is thought to be 6NB. When we restore the carriage we should find the number stamped on a window frame.

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