These first class saloon cars were imported from the Mt. Lyell Mining & Railway Company in Tasmania in 1965-1966.

The four end-platform saloon cars were built during 1901-1902 by the Lancaster Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Ltd. for the 3'6" gauge Mt. Lyell Mining & Railway Company in Tasmania which classed them as "O" class (letter O).. On the closure of the Mt. Lyell line the PBPS thought that the vehicles were worthy of preservation one was imported and converted to 2' 6" gauge (782 mm).

Due to the width and height of these vehicles there was some concern that they may not be suitable for the Puffing Billy Railway. However tests proved successful and the remaining three were acquired.

The first car imported was classed as NBL 1. The BL classification was in use by the V.R. on broad gauge, and the PBPS chose L in memory of the Mt. Lyell line. With the upgrading to first class standards the cars were classified NAL.

On the Puffing Billy Railway NBL 1 was originally painted cream and red and used as a V.I.P. car. With a view to providing a luncheon and night train catered service the cars were refurbished to a very high standard. Gates were provided in the end platform railings to allow through communication between the four cars.

The four cars were named after stations on the Mt. Lyell line:
NAL 1 - Mt. Lyell
NAL 2 - Teepookana
NAL 3 - Rinadeena, and
NAL 4 - Dubbil Barril.

When used as the luncheon/night train service the cars are usually attached to NBC 2 at Belgrave (up) end of the train.

Vehicle Length31 feet 4 inches (9550 mm)
Vehicle Widthapprox 8 ft (2 440 mm )
Vehicle Weight11 tons
Capacity28 passengers
Built1901 - 1902
Number Built4
In use 4

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