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Wangaratta - Whitfield line

This station consisted of a name board alongside the line.

Opened as Whitfield line stopping Place No. 9.
Renamed Pieper
It appears that the V.R. made a mistake with the spelling of the name of the family after whom the station was named. The correct spelling is Peipers. However the spelling "Pieper" was used by the V.R. from 1904 onwards in many railway documnents. John Thompson's 1961 photograph of the original name board supports this errant spelling. The incorrect spelling was copied by at least one mapmaker.
Unfortunately these pages are about Victorian Railways' Narrow Gauge lines, and not about the family who have lived in the district for over one hundred years. The railways got it wrong, but the station name was Pieper, "ie" and no "s".

The photo above was taken by John Thompson after the rails were removed. The track's formation runs in front of the name board.

Distance from Wangaratta28 m 51ch46.10 km
Distance from WhitferldI m 56 ch2.73 km.
Altitude (above Sea Level).758'231.03 m

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