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Moe - Walhalla line
Pronounced Moon - dar - ah.
Opened with the line in 1910 as Pearson.

yard diagram

Renamed Moondarra from Pearson.
Main line and loop transposed.
Peter Medlin suggests that this "was swapped over to suit a tramway that operated from the Mt. Erica side of the station. With the siding altered to the Mt. Erica side, the tramway could be left wagons for loading in the 'platform road' and the main line utilised the loop. The tramway opened in March, 1937, just after the lines had been transposed."
Main line and loop transposed. (Reverted to original arrangements. Presumably the tramway had closed.)

Although roadworks have destroyed most of the track bed in this area it is relatively easy to find the station site. From the Moe Walhalla Rd. enter Moondarra Rd. This rises and turns south almost immediately. Once heading south you will notice an area to the west of the road which has been used as a storage for road making material. This is the site of the Moondarra station. The view of Mt. Erica is worth looking at.

Distance from Moe14 m 64 ch 23.79 km
Distance from Walhalla11 m 17 ch18.04 km
Altitude (above Sea Level).1,238'377.34 m

Map 8121-1-4 Moondarra
Lattitude 38° 1' 24" S
Longitude 146° 21' 33" E

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