Knott's Siding

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Moe - Walhalla line

Originally opened with the line as the "Wood Siding". In late 1910 it was renamed "Long Tunnel Mining Co.'s Siding" The Long Tunnel Mine at Walhalla had its own extensive timber tramway and its need for timber (as props and fuel) denuded the hills for miles. The timber has regrown.

The siding was renamed "Knotts Siding" in January 1914.

Note: There was a Knott's Siding on the Beech Forest line. It was renamed Ferguson during construction. This siding on the Walhalla line was known as G. W. Knott's siding to avoid confusion! To add to the confusion a G. W. Knott took over the lease of Kincaid Siding on the Beech Forest line in 11/3/1924.

yard diagram

Peter Medlin confirms that the siding (Erica end) was Fullwood's siding. After May 1922 Knott's siding was abolished as a siding and used as a shunt to Fullwood's siding. Unless vehicles were shunted by hand Fullwood's siding would have to be worked by down (Walhalla bound) trains and Knott's by up trains. Any vehicles could be placed on the main line as a temporary measure to gain access to Fullwood's siding.

A siding for Mr. Fullwood opened within station limits.
Weekly Notices report no siding accommodation at Knott's!
Siding dismantled after being closed in June 1941.
Distance from Moe 19 m 71 ch 32.00 km
Distance from Walhalla6 m 9 ch9.83 km.

Map 8122-2-2 Walhalla
Lattitude 37° 58' 20" S
Longitude 146° 23' 20" E

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