Collins Siding

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Moe - Walhalla line

yard diagram

This siding had a junction with the 2' 6" gauge Forests Commission (Govt. Dept) timber tramway into the Tyers valley. Among other engines the Forests Commission used a Climax geared locomotive. This has been restored and is now on the Puffing Billy Railway. (See below.)

Here is a Link to an article on the Tyers Valley tramway. See below for two photographs.

Opened for traffic
Siding transferred from Collins to C. Ingram. In spite of this it was still known as "Collins Siding".
"Up end connection moved 610' (186 m) forward". (I presume that this was towards Moe. The VR Weekly Notices use of the word "forward" and "up end" seem to be contradictory unless it was an exceedingly long siding.)
Additional connection provided between main line and loop.
Siding extended 330' (100m) at down end and connected to Forests Commission Tram Line.
Distance from Moe17 m 03 ch27.42 km
Distance from Walhalla8 m 76 ch14.41 km

Map 8122-2-3 Tyers Junction
Lattitude 37° 59' 55" S
Longitude 146° 22' 0" E

Climax Locomotive TACL

Puffing Billy has two of the locomotives that ran on the Tyres Valley line, the Climax (left) and the T.A.C.L. rail tractor. Currently the Climax's boiler has no operating certificate as it needs refurbishment. This is planned as part of the ten-year plan.

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