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This company's extensive range of Vacuum components meets all international standard specifications. CF, ISO, KF, ASA and other conventions in the broadest of configurations. They provide high quality , cost effective components from extensive Stocks which are shipped on the same day your Order is placed. 

Two major Flange types are KF or Kwik flange/Quick Flange using elastomer seals for rough vacuum environment or CF using copper seals for UHV environment

1.ISO-QF (Quick Flange) and LF (Large Flange) flanges are part of the same family of ISO standard elastomer sealed vacuum components. A&N ISO flanges and fittings are manufactured in accordance with ISO(International standard Organization) 2861 standards and tolerances. These Flanges are an economical, convenient and simplified means of constructing custom vacuum systems.

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2.CF and Wire Seal flanges are part of the same family of Ultra-High vacuum components that compress a copper gasket between two stainless steel flanges to create a vacuum tight seal. The CF flange system is more commonly used within the vacuum industry and as such has a much larger standard product offering and faster delivery. Wire Seal flanges are desirable for those applications that require flanges larger than those available with the CF flange system. A&N CF flanges are manufactured to industry standards and are interchangeable with all other Conflat style flanges and fittings. Wire seal flanges have no standard dimension specifications. Vacuum component manufacturers endeavor to create interchangeable flanges, however, it is our opinion that the only way to ensure compatibility is to purchase a mating set of wire seal flanges from one manufacturer.

All flanges offered by A&N Corporation are manufactured on stateof- the-art CNC (Computer controlled) lathes to ensure consistency with dimensional tolerances, and extremely fine surface finishes. Water soluble, non-sulfur based coolants are used during the manufacturing process. The flanges are cleaned in an ultrasonic de-ionized water based cleaning system and vacuum packaged free from visible particulates and oils, ready for immediate use in any vacuum application.

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