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NEW  Vacuum Plant which has recently become available


Edwards E2M175





Edwards EXT 255




Edwards XDS35i Scroll Pump






Varian SH110 Scroll Pump




Varian TriScroll 600



 Also available but not shown.

Varian HS20 Diffusion Pump 

Unused Edwards GV80/EH500 Dry Pumping Set

Varian ISO630 Water Cooled Baffle




Whatís Wanted;


Edwards XDS10Scroll Pumps

Edwards EO4 & EO4K Diffusion Pumps

Edwards E2M275

Leybold DK200


A small selection of vacuum pumps for sale from our current stock;


Wet Pumpís:-

Dry Pumps:-

Edwards E2M1.5

Edwards RV3

Edwards RV8

Edwards RV12

Edwards E2M12

Edwards E2M28

Edwards E2M40

Edwards E2M80

Edwards E1M175

Edwards E1M275

Edwards E2M175

Leybold D40BCS

Leybold D65BCS

Leybold D16B

Leybold D4B

Pfeiffer DUO250A

Stokes 212-10

Unused ILS600N

Edwards QDP40

Edwards QDP80

Edwards IQDP40

Edwards IQDP80

Edwards GV80

Edwards GV400

Edwards IQDP80/QMB500

Edwards IQDP80/QMB1200

Scroll Pumps:-

Edwards XDS5

Edwards XDS35i

Varian Triscroll 300

Varian Triscoll 600


Mechanical Boosters:-

All Edwards sizes from EH250 to EH4200

Edwards HMB2400

Leybold WS1001

Leybold WAU501

Leybold WSU251

Leybold WA151

Stokes 615


Edwards 306 Vacuum Coater

Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven

Large Leybold Stainless Steel Chamber

Turbo Pumps:-

Edwards EXC120 Controller

Edwards TIC Controller

Edwards EXC300 Controller

Edwards EXT255 Turbo

Edwards EXT240iD Turbo

Leybold 361C Turbo

Leybold MAGW1300C Turbo

Diffusion Pumps:-

Edwards Diff Stack 100-300

Edwards Diff Stack 160-700

Edwards Diff Stack 250-2000

Varian 32Ē with Valves

Varian 35Ē with Valves



We are also able to supply  a wide range of spares, gauges, controllers, valves and fittings.


If you have any equipment surplus or wanted please let us know, it can then be added to this list.

We hope some of the items above are of interest. Further items are available so please ask if you donít see it here.


Looking  forward to hearing from you soon.











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