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Marek Steiner

In Australia there are two pathways to gain entry to medical schools.

1. Undergraduate medical school
2. Graduate-entry medical school

The first is open mainly to high school leavers. The universities offer a 5 to 6 year medical course and entry is usually based on matriculation (year 12) results, UMAT (Undergraduate Medical Admission Test) and interview.

The second pathway is graduate-entry, hence a bachelor degree of any type is a basic requirement. The course is shortened to 4 or 4.5 years. In addition to the bachelor degree, admission is based on GAMSAT and interview.

This website mainly deals with entry to graduate-entry medical courses at Australian universities.

Graduate-entry medical programs are offered at the following schools:

The admission criteria vary slightly between the schools.

However, in all cases it's based on:

  1. Results of previous undergraduate studies (bachelor/honours)
  2. GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test) result, MCAT is also accepted for international students.
  3. Selection and interview conducted by the universities.

A word of warning - the admission process is quite lengthy. It will take a year from registering for GAMSAT to the commencement of studies, or even longer when you consider the preparation time for the exam (unless you're so brilliant you just need to go over a few things)

It appears that the name 'graduate medical program' creates a bit of misunderstanding especially for overseas enquiries. In fact, these programs are graduate-entry undergraduate courses with an MBBS on offer (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). To apply for entry you must be a holder of another undergraduate degree.

This website is entirely non-commercial and independent. It is not associated with any medical school or any of the preparation-course companies. I have prepared this site to ease the pain of gathering all the resources regarding GAMSAT and admission.

To learn more about what the graduate program is about read the following article So you want to be a doctor... by Damon Shorter.

If you're after information regarding undergraduate admission try the following link Oliver Daly's "Becoming a Doctor" (in Australia) site

Please with any comments regarding the site, as well as anything you would like to add to the site, eg. your own comments - I'll be glad to put them here. In fact please email me any contributions you would like to make to the site especially in regards to GAMSAT preparation and interviews. That way we can all make this site a better resource.

If you are interested in undergraduate medical programs go to the links page and follow the appropriate references.

For more information on undergraduate medicine see ACER

Undergraduate Medicine is offered at:

Interestingly, The Universities of Western Australia and Melbourne offer medical courses in both pathways.

Created: 04 Jan 1999
Last updated: 07 Feb 2007