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What is a Yowie?

Hominoid: Group of primates that includes humans, their ancestors (all hominids) and the great apes (pongids).
Cryptic: Hidden

SRRCH is a group of interested people investigating the Australian YOWIE phenomenon in a scientific manner.

The Blue Mountains, NSW

There is a wealth of mythology pertaining to the Australian Bigfoot or "Yowie" stretching back over the more than 200 years of European settlement in Australia, as well as numerous legends from aboriginal groups stretching back to the dreamtime (see Rex Gilroy's book "Giants of the Dreamtime" 2001). As a group we are very new and do not profess to have the answers to this phenomenon. This group is attempting, as are others, to piece together the puzzle to find out what is really going on out there.

Is this phenomenon the result of a human unconscious desire for "scary monsters"? Are thousands upon thousands of people imagining things they see? Or is there some kind of cryptic creature out there, running through the Australian bush? Our ideas may be flawed, however, in line with the scientific method, we look for duplication and replication within eyewitness accounts and are putting this information together. This field is full of very diverse individuals with a wide range of their own conclusions, many excellent opinions and findings and we do not discredit any other ideas about the yowie phenomenon, merely present our own conclusions.



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