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Here is a list of very good sites to assist you with information or just to enable you to look at the beautiful birds and meet new friends that share your interest.

If you would like to exchange links please send email to





ABK Publications


Australian Birdkeeper Publications

Magazine containing a variety of articles for all aspects of aviculture





Wholesale Pet Products

Wholesale Pet Products

Supplier of quality pet products and feed to the public at wholesale prices





Clives Quality Aviaries

Clive's Quality Aviaries

Aviaries built to suit you and your birds




The Pet Directory

The Pet Directory

Largest online directory for anything pet related




Australian National Cockatiel Society

Australian National Cockatiel Society

A club dedicated solely to breeding and keeping of cockatiels





The African Lovebird and Foreign Parrot Society of Qld

Club dedicated to Lovebirds: their breeding, care & management in both

aviary & pet environments as well as other species of parrots.




Brisbane Lovebirds

Specialist Breeder of Fischer's, Black Masked and Nyasa Lovebirds




Precious Pets Photography - Pets are family too!

Precious Pets Photography

Creating memories that last forever




The Avicultural Society of Southern Tasmania inc.

An aviary bird club for people who keep all species of birds




Your Pets.com



The complete guide to choosing and caring for your bird.



  Featherz Forums

Featherz Forums

Friendly forum to assist in answering all your cockatiel questions



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