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Handraised Pet Cockatiels


Handraised babies for Pets available soon!!


With winter now long gone and spring well underway we have our best breeding pairs doing their jobs in the nestboxes to provide us with handraised cockatiels for Christmas. I do have pairs currently on eggs while other breeding pairs are already tending young chicks. There will certainly be quite a few  babies available over the next few months.


Handreared Cockatiels that will be available now to Christmas include the following:


 Handreared cockatiels Handreared cockatiels


Whiteface Platinum Pied


Platinum Pied

Normal Grey




   Plus others!



Prices will vary on the colour of the bird so please  email me with details of what you are interested in. Babies can be viewed prior to weaning and a holding deposit will be accepted if you would like to pre-book one. I am happy to have future owners come in and interact with their baby while it is weaning so there is some bond forming before it goes to its new home. Children especially love to watch them grow up and feather out! This is not necessary of course but the option is available to anyone who is interested.



Phone now to book your new Pet Cockatiel!!

Ph 07 31725184

Email: jo-annewatts@optusnet.com.au


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Breeding Cockatiels


I currently have available a variety of young and adult aviary bred birds for sale. Some are juveniles, others are single breeding age adults while there are also some guaranteed bonded breeding pairs for sale.

Once again prices vary depending the age, mutation and breeding status of the bird. I do not sell birds as bonded pairs unless they have successfully bred and raised a clutch of babies for me.

Breeder certificates are available with all birds purchased and only the guaranteed genetics are stated. Some birds may contain splits but these will not be listed unless I can give 100% confirmation they do exist.

Not all breeding cockatiels for sale will have been bred by our aviary but each bird is of good quality and of the high standard we have set for our aviaries. We are not brokers and as such do not purchase birds just for ongoing sale and profit. Each bird that is purchased by us is bought for breeding purposes and then for various reasons after a period of time may be sold.

Some of the mutations I breed and have available for sale at various times are:


Pastel Silver








Various multi-combinations of the above.



Phone now to check availability!!

Ph 07 31725184

Email:  info@brisbanecockatiels.com.au



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Handfeeding Regime & Guarantee


Nearly all our baby Cockatiels for sale are handraised and we have them available most of the year. They are inside the house with my family from the time they are taken from the parents are thus well-adjusted to children and normal household noises and activities and make the perfect pet.

They are pulled from the nest from 1-2 weeks of age and are syringe fed on Vetafarm Handrearing Formula. They are all abundance weaned which means they are fed as much as they want when they want it.


Once our Handraised cockatiels reach around 4 - 5 weeks of age they are introduced to a quality seed mix, Vetafarm Nutriblend Pellets plus a variety of soft food like grain bread, corn kernels, endive, bok choy, grated apple and carrot, sprouts etc. At first it is all play and testing for them so the formula is still fed until they are at least 7-8 weeks old. Once they are capable of  cracking the seed and are eating on their own and not begging for formula I then monitor them for a week or so to make sure they are not losing weight and are in fact able to feed and maintain themselves properly.


Each person that purchases a bird is also provided with a Breeders Certificate which gives details of the birds age, legring number, colour, and my details. It also contains a more detailed genetic description of the bird and its parents just in case at some point in the future it is used for breeding purposes.


Some of my Cockatiels for sale are guaranteed sexed birds but unfortunately in some cases it is impossible to determine the sex until they get a bit older. If people are requesting a particular sex then I advise which bird is definitely male and female and let them make the final decision.


Each bird is sold with a starter pack which contains a small amount of the seed they are used to and an information sheet with all the necessary do's and don'ts. It also contains my contact details should you need any further assistance.


If at any stage in the future you are going on holidays and need a bird-sitter then I am happy to have any of my babies return for a visit while you are away. I will provide all the necessary food and full care at a small cost to the owner.


All Cockatiels for sale are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. If for some reason your bird falls ill or has suspect health problems within the first few weeks and you take it to a vet for consultation and they determine it has a pre-purchased health condition then we will happily exchange the bird for one of equal value. We are happy to provide you with any assistance or advice you require as an ongoing service.


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