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FireWind is an easy to use computer software package of 18 programs covering different aspects of fire technology and fire protection science. It includes:

FireModelling & Computing is an author of DOS Fire Engineering packjage FireCalc which was created for CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) - leading Australian scientific institution. Now we have developed FireWind - Windows 32 package. FireWind includes all major programs of FireCalc and some new original programs. Convergence of old programs can be improved with a slower speed option. Original programs of FireWind and FireCalc are based on our Fire Modelling and have been thoroughly validated. The results of this work have been published in Fire Engineering journals and proceedings of international Fire Engineering conferences.

FieWind has many features which adjust it to the commercial environment:

FireWind can be run on Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT platforms. If you have Windows 3.1 or 3.11, you will install Win32s to run FireWind. Win32s is Microsoft "freeware" and as such is supplied with FireWind.

FireWind is licensed to a legitimate user. The message "licensed too..." will always appear in the main screen and in each print-out. There are two options of FireWind: for installation in the hard disk and for installation in the network. FireWind cannot be executed from a diskette.

Main screens of FireWind:

This is an introductory screen. It is shown how multiple projects are handled. While list of projects is perused, brief description of each project is displayed.

These are options of Smoke menu

These are entries of program "TwoRooms"

This is a diagram resulting from execution of program "TwoRooms"

This is a table resulting from execution of program "TwoRooms"

This is a screen of entries of program "WayOut". Each line presents one compartment of constant width. Up to 400 lines are allowed, and the program can be adjusted for more lines, if required.

This is a screen of animation of program "WayOut" corresponding to the entries shown above.

This screen presents results of calculations of program "WayOut". Times of evacuation are computed for blind ends, because they are the maximum evacuation times.

This is a screen of entries of program "Radiation". Up to 20 sources of radiation of each orientation are allowed. If required, the program can be adjusted to more sources.

This screen presents results of calculations of program "Radiation".

You can download a demonstration version of FireWind. It can be run on any 32-bit platform: Win32s, Windows 95 or NT, or later versions. It is a demonstration version, because you cannot change predefined entries, but you can see all the main features of FireWind.

To download Demo, click here

With any questions and problems regarding FireWind contact:

Dr. Victor O. Shestopal
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Phone: +61 2 9487 4858
Fax: +61 2 9487 4868


This company can also assist you with fire safety analysis you might require. Our capabilities are not limited with the existing software. We can adjust the existing programs to your needs, create new programs if necessary or conduct calculations in quite a different way - depends on your needs.