Beehive Industries

Beehive Industries has two sides.

On one side there is a competitive and very successful mailing house, packaging and fulfilment service, with many top commercial and industrial companies among its clients. On the other is a caring community of and for the retired people of Sydney.

Find out something of the background of Beehive Industries.



The first BEEHIVE activities centre was opened in 1971 under the chairmanship of Alderman Mrs Joan Pilone.

This followed extensive research into employment of retired persons.

A report by the Sydney City Council's Community Services Committee recognised that, medical science having prolonged life, the additional years should be happy, contented and rewarding to the individual.

It emphasised an important aspect of healthcare responsibility: namely, the prevention or deferment of costly traditional healthcare for a significant number of elderly Australians, through an alternative and much less costly programme consisting of voluntary community activity and leisure.

Thus, BEEHIVE was born!

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The directors of BEEHIVE industries acknowledge the inestimable worth of all senior citizens regardless of race, creed or status. We appreciate, respect and value the views and opinions of the Senior Citizens who attend the Beehive Activities Centre. We recognise the special need of Senior Citizens to maintain dignity and independence within a community of rapidly changing values and fast moving technology.

All persons make varying contributions to society during their more active years. BEEHIVE Industries was formed to encourage maximum positive activity to continue throughout retirement, thereby contributing to the physical and mental wellbeing of those involved. The directors are committed to the philosophy of assisting Senior Citizens to pursue constructive, healthy and active lifestyles.

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Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide a safe environment and opportunity to participate in commercial and leisure activities
  2. To restore or maintain self esteem and independence
  3. To promote good nutrition
  4. To help eliminate loneliness and isolation
  5. To fulfil social and psychological needs through work and educational, sporting and social activities
  6. To identify and pursue leisure centre programmes designed to improve the social functioning of the Beehivers
  7. To make BEEHIVE self-supporting
  8. To encourage the development of similar centres and to offer advice and render assistance in the establishment of BEEHIVE centres throughout Australia
  9. Ongoing enhancement of Disability Service Standards for continuing improvement towards excellence in service delivery

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  1. Admit as a shareholder any retired person who is willing and able to undertake light, clean part-time tasks
  2. Provide incentives to Seniors and further incentives when indicated by profits
  3. Utilise profits in a manner that will upgrade the existing facilities of BEEHIVE and increase the social activities of the Seniors
  4. Maintain sufficient capital to cover operational requirements and where possible to help in the establishment of other BEEHIVE centres
  5. Provide BEEHIVE transport facilities when and where possible
  6. Have representation of Seniors on the Board of Directors
  7. Employ sufficient staff to ensure that the Aims and Objectives are achieved
  8. Ensure that all staff are familiar with and practice the philosophies of BEEHIVE

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Policy Statement

Whilst the directors are mindful of the problems of Citizens afflicted with severe physical and/or mental disabilities, existing facilities and staffing do not enable BEEHIVE to accommodate those so suffering in gainful involvement in the activities of the centre.

The directors however are willing and ready to assist and refer such Citizens to facilities that are specifically constructed to meet their needs.

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