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Diary Of Dreams”Nocturnal Culture Night ­Live In Deutzen 8.09.2007”

Duran Duran (wrong order.......................?) Madison Square Garden, New York City, N.Y., 21st March 1984, no art, not DAO, A
Disc 1: Radio Announcer Introduction, Walkon Tuning Music, Tiger Tiger > Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, The Reflex, New Moon On Monday, The Union Of The Snake, Cracks In The Pavement, Of Crime And Passion, Friends Of Mine, The Seventh Stranger, The Chauffeur (61:13)
Disc 2: Save A Prayer, Planet Earth, My Own Way, Careless Memories, Radio Announcer Encore Break 1, Rio, Radio Announcer Encore Break 2, Girls On Film, Radio Announcer Wrap Up (48:34)

2046/7 Police
Bingley Hall, Stafford, 12/23/81 no art, DAO, B
Disc 1: (37:21)
Disc 2: Walking on the Moon, (45:10)
The Police Bingley Hall, Stafford, England 12/23/81 Support acts: Length: 83 Min Source: Audience Quality: 7.5 Origin: CDR Trade Lineage: CDR > EAC > Flac Level 8 (w/verify) Size: MB Compressed: 463 MB Disc 1 – 38 Min 1. Voices Inside My Head (Intro) 0:12 2. Message In A Bottle 4:22 3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 4:40 4. Sprits In The Material World 3:28 5. Hungry For You 3:35 6. When The World Is Running Down You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around 4:30 7. The Beds Too Big Without You 5:20 8. Demolition Man 5:07 9. Shadows In The Rain 6:02 Disc 2 – 45 Min 1. Walking On The Moon 4:32 2. Bring On The Night 6:07 3. One World 3:29 4. Invisible Sun 4:38 5. Roxanne 6:36 6. Don’t Stand So Close To Me 3:44 7. Can’t Stand Losing You / Regatta De Blanc 8:16 8. So Lonely 7:45

1982-05-06 Amsterdam, Carre Theatre 2029 (70:43) 2030 (45:55)

2007 Cure, no art, DAO, abit barsh, B Disc 1: ????? Disc 2: 17 Seconds, 3 Imaginery Boys, (42:07)

2014 New Order no art, not DAO, B
Blue Monday, (48:54)
New Order - Winter Gardens Margate Kent England 1984-08-20 Audience recording, unknown lineage Setlist Trk01 Blue Monday Trk02 Thieves Like Us Trk03 Dreams Never End Trk04 Your Silent Face Trk05 Senses Trk06 Chosen Time Trk07 The Village Trk08 586 Trk09 Temptation Bernard Sumner - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards Peter Hook - Bass / Vocals Stephen Morris - Drums Gillian Gilbert - Keyboards / Guitars

1999 NIN (disc 2) no art, DAO, B+ (47:14)

2005 Cure (44:03)

1998 Nine Inch Nails

??Depeche Mode 11/03/81Fagins, Manchester, England Depeche Mode ?? Liverpool University, 6th November 1981, no art, DAO, Hiss, A-
Any Second Now, Photographic, No Disco, New Life, Puppets, Ice Machine, Big Muff, I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Just Can't Get Enough, Boys Say Go, What's Your Name, Dreaming Of Me

Peter Murphy with Nine Inch Nails
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, 1st July 2006, Q101 Chicago Radio Session, Joy Division covers, no art, DAO, A
Dead Souls, Twenty-Four Hours, Warsaw, Atmosphere (18:56)

Simple Minds
Coasters – Edinburgh, Scotland – September 10, 1982
Disc 1: (76:45)
Disc 2: Sweat in Bullet (5:26)
Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy, 17th March 1983,
Pinkpop, Geleen, Holland, 23rd May 1983,
Rolf-Liebermann-Studio (NDR2), Hamburg, 28th August 2005,
Handelsbeurs, Gent, Belgiumm, 16th September 2005,
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, 24th March 2007,

Darmstadt, 15th February 1989, no art, DAO, A
?, ?, ?, We Can Change, .... (52:10)

Krefeld, 28th April 2006, no art, DAO, abit dull, B


New Order - 1981.11.26 Manchester (Ritz) FLAC
Berlin 27.05.1981 FLAC

Cornwall Colloseum  13.10.1981 not DAO, 2CD
Disc 1: The Thin Wall, New Europeans, (44:34)

Roxy Music
Frejus, France, 27th August 1982, no art,
Main Thing, Out Of The Blue, Both Ends Burning, Song For Europe, Cant Let Go, Avalon,  Love Is The Drug, Like A Hurricane, Editions Of You, Jealous Guy ()

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Tour Beauty   B+
Calling From Tokyo, Asadoya Yunta, We Love You, You Do Me, Tong Poo, Okinawa Song, We Love You, You Do Me

Acoustic live nhk 91    B+

Tears for Fears
Munich 22/5/96    A
Mr Pessimist, Rule The World, Sketches Of Pain, Raoul & Kings Of Spain, Falling Down, Gods Mistake, Break It Down Again, Don’t Drink The Water, Creep, Woman In Chains, Shout,Elemental, Los Reyos Catolicos, Sowing The Seeds

Shepherds Bush, 15/6/96   A
Raoul & Kings Of Spain, Falling Down, Gods Mistake, Shout. Elemental, Los Reyos Catolicos, Sowing The Seeds, Break It Down Again, Don’t Dring The Water, Sketches Of Pain, Creep

Teardrop Explodes
Guildford Civic, June 1981, no art,
Read It In Books, Thief Of Baghdad,Sleeping Gas, Passionate Friend, Like Leila Khaled Said, Suffocate, Poppies Are In The Fields, Culture Bunker, Reward, Went Crazy, Screaming Secrets, When I Dream, The Great Dominions, Treason ()

Depeche Mode
Zurich 21st May 1993, no art, not DAO, B

Furniture 86
Make Believe I’m Him, Transatlantic Cable, Shake Like Judy Says, I Miss You, I Cant Crack, Brilliant Mind ()

Mtv Oz 90- Great Southern Land, Miss Divine, We Can Get Together, Big Fun, Walls, Wind & Sail, Mercy On The Boy, Great Divide, Cant Help Myself, Miracle Mile, Man Of Colours, Crazy, Nothing Too Serious.



Hammersmith Odeon, 27/12/81 A


Keystone KALX FM Benefit Show, 28th June 1981, no art, not DAO, A
(I Saw You) Shine, Way Of The World, Life Is Cheap, Shed No Tears, Nothing, Love Canal, Ha Ha Ha (45:30)
05/14/1983 CDR(1) A+   CBGB  SBD

11/??/1976 CDR(1) A+   Ebbets Field  SBD

Hammersmith Palais, 12th March 1984, no art,
Miserable Lie, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, This Charming Man, Girl Afraid, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Still Ill, This Night Has Opened My Eyes, Barbarism Begins, At Home, Back To The Old House, What Difference Does It Make?, I Don't Owe You Anything, * Reel Around The Fountain, Hand In Glove, You've Got Everything Now, Handsome Devil, These Things Take Time

Cranberries 02/19/02 Stockholm Arena CDR 1 sdbd A+
Cure/Santa Barbara 7/13/87 (1cdr)sb A+
Duran Duran, 3/27/84 N.Y Madison square gardens 1cdr (A+ SBD)
Duran Duran/Buenos Aires 4/30/91 (1cdr) Sb A+
Bryan Ferry 06/04/02 Belfast Belfast Castle CDR 1 sdbd A+
Roxy Music Radio City Music Hall, New York 26/5 1983 72 min
Sting/Lisbon Portugal 6/6/04 (2)Sb A+
Split Enz: 1980 Hammersmith, Odeon 46:21 1Cd (sbd B+)
Split Enz 10/31/80 Denver Rainbow Theater CDR 1 sdbd A+
Sunny Boys Central Club Melbourne  10.8.91 SBD

Gary Numan / The Devils:  “Music Planet2Nite” - Köln, Germany   05/2003, no art, not DAO, A
Numan: RIP, Interview, ?, ?, Crazier, Interview, Prayer to the Unborn, Interview with Devils, Scared
Devils:  (59:58)

London 1986, no art, not DAO, bassy, A - jumpy?
Don’t Tell Me, What’s Your Problem?, That’s Love, That It Is, Don’t You Love It All, ?, God’s Kitchen, ?, Paradises, ?, A Game Above My Head (53:05)

Echo & The Bunnymen:  Paard Van Troje, Den Haag, Holland   22/07/1982 left channel only

SimpleMinds            Musician'sClub, Sydney, Australia         1981-12-09

Sisters of Mercy
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - "History of Cover Versions" (1983-2001), art, B/B+
Disc 1: ()
Disc 2: ()

1998 Arena, D-Köln 46 tv a
Intro, A question of time, It´s no good, Never let me down, Only when I lose myself, Enjoy the silence, Personal Jesus, Home, I feel you ()

Paradise, Boston, MA  3/79
2 tracks - second London Wavelength - ? first Euphoria disc?????

Bookies, Detroit  3/8/79 or 8/3/79 - digiclicks last 2 tracks
The Man Who Dies Everyday, Slip Away, Slow Motion, Hiroshima mon Amour, Touch and Go, Artificial Life, Just for a Moment, He's a Liquid, Quiet Men,Radio Beach, I Can't Stay Long (cut), Someone Elses Clothes, Blue Light, Rockwrok, My Sex (76:46)

Stockholm, 20th February 1982, no art, not DAO, A  ?Gottenburg
Lovesong, Changeling, (68:59)
Davout Sessions 1/03/1982 CD - SB recording

Gary Numan
Manchester Apollo, 7th August 1980, no art, DAO, (good sound with hiss removed from tape transfer, problems with Remember I was Vapour and Stories with very bad tape disortion (left out to make it one CD), some clicks on Joy Circuit too), A/A-

New Order
Berlin, 21st July 2001, no art, DAO, A = same as 15th October 2001
Disc 1: (46:33)
Disc 2: ()

Human League - Melbourne 2003 - distorts easily on louder songs, B sound/C for distortion
"Thankyou very much from coming to this show on a Monday night and making it feel like Saturday night"
Hard Times/Love Action, Sound of the Crowd , Human, Open Your Heart, The Lebanon, Keep Feeling Fascination, Mirror Man, Together In Electric Dreams, Don't You Want Me

Crowded House @ The Final Show, Step of Sydney Opera House - 24/11/96 - 19 tracks + 6 fillers - 2 CD -


New Order
Area Two Festival, Mountain View, CA - July 31, 2001, (*= has a couple skips)
Atmosphere, Regret, Crystal, Love Will Tear Us Apart*, Your Silent Face*, Turn My Way*, Bizarre Love Triangle, Touched By the Hand Of God, True Faith, Temptation*, 60 MPH, Blue Monday