Waitresses, The
Bottom Line, New York, NY, 3rd February 1982, no art, some DAO, A
No Guilt, Jimmy Tomorrow, Redland, I Could Rule The World If I Could Only Get The Parts, Pussy Strut, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful, A Girl's Gotta Do, Go On, I Know What Boys Like, It's My Car, Heat Night, Christmas Wrapping, Wise Up (68:12)

Wall of Voodoo
"Dance Of Death", Live At El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 15th November 1982, no art, DAO, A
Call Box 3:03, Animal Day 3:04, Lost Weekend 5:16, Call Of The West 5:35, Factory 5:39, On Interstate 15 2:43, Can't Make Love 2:29, Tomorrow 3:22, The Passenger 3:43, Long Arm 3:16, Ring Of Fire 5:00, Mexican Radio 4:11, Back In Flesh 4:37 (52:03)

Wang Chung
London, 24th April 1984 (1-6),
The Roxy, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 14th July 1987 (7-13), no art, not DAO, A
Even If You Dream, Wait, Look At Me Now, Take Me To The River, Dance Hall Days, Don’t Let Got, (7) Look At Me Now, Eyes Of The Girl, Let’s Go, To Live And Die In L.A., Don’t Let Go, Dance Hall Days, Everybody Have Fun Tonight (71:26)

Weller, Paul
BBC Radio One in Concert, 27th May 2000, art available (front back), A+
Introduction, He's the Keeper, Frightened, Back in the Fire, There's No Drinking After You're Dead, On and On, You Do Something to Me, Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea, With Me and Temperance, Picking Up Sticks, Loveless, Sunflower, The Woodcutter's Son (60:16)

24/06/1986 - The Secret Show, England, 24th June 1986, no art, DAO, B
Disc 1: (44:33)
Disc 2: (44:11)

When In Rome/Real Life
H.O.B., San Diego, CA, 30th March 2008, no art, DAO, B+
When in Rome
Steve West intro, ?, ?, ?, Last Train, Talk Talk, The Promise
Real Life
intro, Bleeding Babies, Catch Me I'm Falling, Always, Nowhere Girl, God Tonight, Send Me An Angel

White Stripes
Maida Vale Studios London, Peel Session, 25th July 2001, no art, DAO, A
Let's shake hands, When I hear my name, Jolene, Death Letter, Cannon, Astro, Jack the Ripper, Hotel Yorba, I'm finding it harder to be a gentleman, Screwdriver, We're going to be friends, Pretty good looking (for a girl), Boll Weevill, Hello Operator, Baby Blue  (38:48)

Peel Acres, Peel Session, 11th August 2001, no art, mostly DAO, A+
Lord send me an angel, Dead leaves and the dirty ground, I think I smell a rat, Let's build a home/ Going back to Memphis, Little Room/ The Union Forever, The same boy you've always known, Look me over closely, Looking at you, St James Infirmary Blues, Apple Blossom, Do, Rated X, Jumble Jumble, Little People  (36:05)

Wilde, Kim
London, July 1982, no art, DAO, B
Water On Glass, Tuning In Tuning On, Our Town, Everything We Know, Take Me Tonight, Words Fell Down, Just A Feeling, When The Boys Happy, View From A Bridge, Child Go Away, Unknown, You'll Never Be So Wrong, Ego, 2-6-5-8-0, Band Intro / 2-6-5-8-0 /, Falling Out / Cambodia, Kids In America (75:45)

Colston Hall, Bristol, 5th October 1982, no art, DAO, abit distant and slight distortion, B
Disc 1: Intro, Chequered Love, Water On Glass, Tuning In Tuning On, Our Town, Everything We Know, Take Me Tonight, Words Fell Down, Just A Feeling, When The Boys Are Happy, View From A Bridge (42:15)
Disc 2: Child Come Away, Watching For Shapes, You'll Never Be So Wrong, Boys, 26580, Falling Over, Cambodia, Kids In America (40:58)

Paris, France, 26th November 1983, no art, not DAO, abit distant, A-
Intro / Chequered Love, Water On Glass, I Really Can’t Explain, Turn To Love, Just Found Out, Stay A While, ?, House Of Salome, ?, ? (Continued), View From A Bridge, Never Been So Wrong, Dancing In The Dark, Band Introductions, 2-6-5-8-0, Cambodia, Thinking About Boys, Love Blonde (64:56)

Gross-Gerau, Germany, December 1992, no art, DAO A
Chequered Love, It’s Here, Suburbs Of Moscow, Cambodia, Love Blonde, Love Is Holy, Never Trust A Stranger, Water On Glass, If I Can’t Have You, You Came, You Keep Me Hanging On, Kids In America, Real Wild Child, Stone (70:26)

Oldenberg Germany, 5th December 1992, art (front back), DAO, A+
Stone, View from a Bridge, It's Here, Living in Moscow, Who Do You Think You Are, Never Trust a Stranger, Chequered Love, Love is Holy, Million Miles Away, Cambodia, Kids in America, You Came, You Keep Me Hanging On (56:47)

Parken, Ahus, Sweden, 21st May 1994, no art, not DAO, low volume but solid, B
Stone, View From A Bridge, Chequered Love, It’s Here, Living in Moscow, Cambodia, Love Blonde, Love is Holy, Never Trust A Stranger, Water On Glass, band intro, If I Can’t Have You, You Came, You Keep Me Hangin’ On, Kids In America  (70:35)

Wylie, Pete
Raw, Pure and real, Radio Merseyside Nov 2000 art available (front front2 back), DAO, A