Sophia Antipolis Cedex, Nice, France, 17th August 1980, no art, not DAO, A

Sophia Antipolis, France, 17th August 1980, no art, not DAO, B+
Disc 1: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (60:34)
Disc 2: Part 5, Part 6 (Pulsar), Part 7, Part 8 (38:14)

Floating Stage on Maas River, Rotterdam, Holland, 18th June 1991, no art, not DAO, abit harsh, B
Opening, Chariots of Fire, Spiral, Antarctica (part 7), China, Glorianna, Albedo 0.39, Mask (part 2), Italian Song, Kinematic, Mask (part 5), Hymn (49:21)

Vapours, The
Guildford, England, 1st January 1981, no cover art, FM, A-
News at Ten, Johnny's in Love Again, Sixty-Second Interval, Jimmy Jones, Turning Japanese, Daylight Titans, Magnets, (radio ad), Isolated Case, Letter From Hiro, (radio ad), Live at the Marquee, Civic Hall (46:05)

VNV  Nation
Mera Luna, 13th August 2000, no art, DAO, somewhat bassy but good, B
Intro, Joy, Kingdom, Procession, Forsaken, Honour, Standing (Motion), Darkangel, Further, Solitary, Rubicon (with Sonja from L'ame Immortelle)

DNA Lounge, San Francisco, 6th December 2001, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: Foreword, Kingdom, Epicentre, Carbon, Honour, Darkangel, Fearless, Tempest (43:59)
Disc 2: Further, Genesis, Solitary, Legion, Standing, Frika, Joy, Beloved, Saviour

Infest Festival, 24th August 2003, no art, DAO, somewhat bassy but good,  B
Intro, Kingdom, Epicentre, Fearless, Legion, Further, Genesis, Solitary, Beloved, Standing, Electronaut, Getting Closer (Nitzer Ebb Cover) (78:15)