Talk Talk
Rotterdam Netherlands, 1984, art (front back), DAO, A-

Talking Heads
Berkelee Boston, 8th August 1979, WBCN FM, artwork available (front back), DAO, A
15 tracks (70:29)

Nakano Sun Plaza- Tokyo, Japan, 27th February 1981, art (front back) A-
1. Psycho Killer 2. Stay Hungry 3. Cities 4. Drugs 5. Once In A Lifetime 6. Houses In Motion 7. Born Under Punches 8. Crosseyed & Painless 9. Life During Wartime 10. The Great Curve 11. The Book I Read 12. The Girls Want To Be With The Girls 13. Mind (72:55)

The Pantages Theater, Hollywood, 15th December 1983, no art, DAO, A
Psycho Killer Heaven Thank you for sending me an Angel Found a Job Slippery People Cities Burning down the House Life during Wartime Making flippy Floppy Swamp What a day that Was This must be the Place(Naive Melody) Once in a Lifetime Big Business>I Zimbra
Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Tangerine Dream
Live! Improvised!, Reims Cathedral France, 13th December 1974, art (front back), A
Disc 1: Improvisation 1 (46:27)
Disc 2: Improvisation 2 (37:43)

Orange Theatre Antique, France, 16th August 1975, no art, not DAO, B+
Part One (38:02) / Part Two (19:16),  plus bonus? (79:12)

Waiter on the Dance, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK, 5th July 1976, art, B+
Disc 1: Set 1 (46:05)
Disc 2: Set 2, no encore! (44:39)

Electronics, 31st January 1980, no art, A
Part 1, Part 2 (56:12)

Palast der Republik, Berlin, 31st January 1980, no art, not DAO, A
Disc 1: (59:33)
Disc 2: (41:34)

Live at the Bataclan, Paris, 2nd February 1981, no art, DAO (some skips), A+
Disc 1: (47:19)
Disc 2: (57:26)

Strange Attractions, Dallas Brookes Hall Melbourne Australia, 1st March 1982, no art, A
Fractured Reality, Shattered Landscapes, Strange Attractors, Oscillations in TIme, (BONUS TRACKS) Horns of Doom, Unicorn Theme (72:52)

Parisian Dreams, Olympique, 31st March 1986, Edgar Froese/Chris Franke/Paul Haslinger, no art, DAO, A+

20th Century Serenades, Reichstag (Berlin), 1st August 1987, Edgar Froese/Chris Franke/Paul Haslinger, no art, DAO, A+
Velvet Autumn, Smile, Ride On The Ray, Going West, Yellowstone Park (Rocky Mountains), Tyger, Tiergarten (Berlin), 21st Century Common Man, Part One, A Time For Heroes (60:18)

Spherical Harmonics, 9th September 1988, no art, A+
Disc 1: (67:53)
Disc 2: (63:06)

Vintage Set Warsaw, Warszawa Sala Kongresowa, Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese/Zlatko Perica/Emil Hachfeld, 13th June 1997, no art, DAO, A+
Waterborne, Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme), Diamond Diary, Escape From Shadowland, Sundance Kid, Silver Scale, Warsaw In The Sun, Exit, Stratosfear 1995, Dolphin Dance, Logos (Part One), Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk), The Blue Bridge (67:33)

The Most Beautiful Rock for Peace, Swietokrzyski Bridge Warsaw, 31st August 2001, Edgar Froese/Jerome Froese/Gerald Gradwohl/Iris Kulterer/Jacqueline Hechavarria, no art, DAO A+
Disc 1 and 2: Introduction, Between Realities, The Spirit Of The Czar, Warsaw In The Sun, Comet's Figure Head, Force Majeure, Going West, Lamb With Radar Eyes, The Comfort Zone, onging For Cashba, Live Material, Prime Time, Towards The Evening Star (Blue Gravity Mix), Outland (The Colony), TimeSquare (The Legendary N.Y. Brix Mix), Astrophobia (Red Supernova Mix), Beauty Of The Blast, Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score (139:44)
Disc 3: Stereolight, Diamonds And Dust, Live Material, Mobocaster, Excerpts From Press Conference (42:10)

Inferno -  from Dante Aligheri`s - La Divina Commedia, Live at Burg Nideggen, 24th August 2002, no art, DAO, A+

Tears for Fears
Satory Hall, Koln, 12th May 1981 (commonly thought to be 12th September 1983), no cover art, A+
Memories Fade, The Way You Are, Suffer The Children, Pale Shelter, The Prisoner, Ideas As Opiates, The Hurting, Mad World, Watch Me Bleed, Change, Start Of The Breakdown, Mad World, Pale Shelter, Music For Tables (B-side Seeds of Love), Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (acoustic), Break It Down Again (acoustic) (73:59)

Tiffany’s, Glasgow, 25th March 1983, no art, not DAO, A
Memories Fade, The Way You Are, Suffer The Children, Pale Shelter (19:50)

Big Chair Tour, Hammersmith Odeon, 1984, art available (front back), SB, A
Start of The Breakdown, Mother' Talk, Pale Shelter, The Working Hour, The Prisoner, Ideas As Opiates, Mad World, Broken, Head Over Heels, Suffer The Children, The Hurting, Memories Fade, Change, Mothers Talk (remix), Broken (Preacher, mix) (74:41)

Rotterdam, 24 April 1985, no art, DAO,  from live radio broadcast, last track fades away, A-
Mother's Talk, Memories Fade, Start Of the Breakdown, Prisoner, I Beleive, The Working Hour, Mad World, Everybody Wants To Rule the World, The Hurting, Shout, Ideas as Opiates, Pale Shelter, STUDIO The Way You Are, (65:39)

Live in Manchester UK, 15th September 1985, DAO, no art, A
Mother's Talk, Broken, Head Over Heels, Everybody Wants To Rule the World, the Hurting, Suffer the Children, Change, Start Of the Breakdown, Memories Fade (some fading), Mad World, Shout (50:09)

The Live Parade, Unknown Venue and City, 12th April, 1990, no art, DAO, SB, A+
I Believe, Head Over Heels, Change, Pale Shelter, Woman In Chains, Advice For The Young At Heart, Mad World, The Seeds Of Love, All You Need Is Love, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Year Of The Knife, Shout (64:43)

No Sleep for Dreaming, 24th November 1994, art (front back), DAO, A

<>Technopolis Series
Technopolis 2, Back in Black Label Series, Remix, A+

01 Human League- Being Boiled (Devil's Dance Mix) 8:17, 02 Cabaret Voltaire-Sensoria/Don't Argue (Razormaid Combi Mix) 12:17, 03 Depeche Mode-Behind The Wheel (Razormaid Mix) 6:41, 04 Front 242-Welcome To The Headhunter (Razormaid Mix) 5:59, 05 Portion Control-The Great Divide (Razormaid Mix) 6:33, 06 Kraftwerk-Electric Cafe (Mixx-It Remix) 5:04, 07 Signal Aout 42-Why Not? (Razormaid Medley) 8:02, 08 Psyche-Unveiling The Secret (Razormaid Mix) 6:24, 09 New Order-Sub-Culture (Razormaid Mix) 9:28, 10 The Cure-The Walk (Razormaid Mix) 4:46 (73:35)

Technopolis 4, Back in Black Label Series, 1992, Remix, A+
Nitzer Ebb - Power of the Voice (Megamix), Front 242 - Felines (Live on Tour 1989), Front 242 - Work 242 (Live on TOur 1989), A Split Second - Flesh (Live on Tour 1992), A Split Second - Mambo Watch (Live on Tour 1992), Armageddon Dildos - Resist (Live on Tour 1991), Armageddon Dildos - Never Mind (Live on Tour 1991), Psyche - Brain Collapses (Live on Tour 1992), Psyche - Unveiling the Sectret (Live on Tour 1992), Metro Pact - Neue Strassen,  Metro Pact - C.T.I., Abolute Body Control - Faceless, Abolute Body Control - Car Fever, Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Live Open Air 1984), Depeche Mode - Photographic (Live Open Air) (74:22)

Technopolis 7, Back in Black Label Series, 1992, Remix, A+ 
Kraftwerk - Numbers (Wicked Mix), Depeche Mode - Strange Love (Discotech Mix), Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Bomb Beyond the Valu Mix), Depeche Mode - Sea of Sin (Ultra Hot Razor Mix), Depeche Mode - Somebody (Germix), Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Ultra Hot Razor Mix), Front Live Assembly - Final Impact (Razormaid Mix), Spock - Never Trust a Klingon (Gravity Version), Front 242 - Body to Body (1995 Version), Front 242 - Rhythm of Time (Messengers from Neptune), Depeche Mode - Strange Love (Powerhouse Mix) 

<>Technopolis 10, Back in Black Label Series, Remix, A+
01 Alexander Robotnick - Ce N'Est Q'Un Debut (4:11), 02 Yazoo - Situation (1983 Re-Recording) (7:30), 03 Yazoo - Don't Go (Remix) (4:05), 04 Yazoo - Don't Go (Re-Remix) (4:22), 05 Soft Cell - Martin (10:14), 06 Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Original 7" Version) (4:56), 07 Soft Cell - Hendrix Medley (10:24), 08 Rational Youth - City Of Night (7:17), 09 Rational Youth - Close To Nature (4:39), 10 Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia (7:29), 11 Depeche Mode - Somebody (Live 1984) (5:04)

Technopolis 12, Back in Black Label Series, Remix, A+


Theatre of Hate, The
The Warehouse, Leeds, 27th January 1981, no art, DAO, A

Thompson Twins
Live At The Regal Theatre, Hitchin, England, 22nd January 1983, no art, DAO A
BBC Intro 0:31, Kamikaze 4:05, Love Lies Bleeding 4:06, We Are Detective 3:36, Lies 3:33, If You Were Here 3:24, All Fall Out 6:22, In The Name Of Love 5:13, Watching 4:05, Love On Your Side 6:14, It's A Robbery* 5:00, Judy Do 4:25, End Credits 0:35 (51:18)

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool,
1983, no art, DAO, A+
Kamikaze, Love Lies Bleeding, Judy Cried, Tears, Watching, If You Were Here, All Fall Out, Lucky Day, Lies, We Are Detective, In the Name of Love, ?, Love On Your Side (59:47)

Regal Theatre, London, 1983, no art, not DAO, abit dull, A
Love Lies Bleeding, We Are Detective, Lies, If You Were Here, All Fall Out, In The Name Of Love, Watching, Love On Your Side, Runaway, Judy Do (46:41)

Koseinenkin Kaikan
, Tokyo, 26th May 1984, no art, not DAO, A
East is East, .......... (61:08)

San Diego, 30th August 1984, no art, DAO, A
East is East,.......... (74:02)

Budokan, Tokyo, 25th February 1986, no art, not DAO, A
1 Intro, 2 Day After Day, 3 You Take Me Up, 4 Tokyo, 5 Lies, 6 Sister Of Mercy, 7 Lay Your Hands On Me, 8 Hold Me Now, 9 Don't Mess With Doctor Dream, 10 Doctor! Doctor!, 11 King For A Day, 12 Revolution, 13 Love On Your Side/interview (78:30)

Frühjahr, 1982, no art, DAO, not much Da Da Da, funny guys (in German), A
Sabine Sabine Sabine, Lady-O-Lady, Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone, Ya Ya, Halt mich fest ich werd' verrückt, Nur ein Traum, Kummer, Ja ja ja, Energie, Da da da, Los Paul, Broken Hearts For You And Me, Ja ja wo gehts lank Peter Pank schönen Dank, Trio Bommerlunder  (58:17)

Tubes, The
??-??-1976    Shrine Audiotorium , LA    A , 1CD , 09 tracks , 50 min , Art (front back)

??-06-1981    Schocker, The Paladium , NY        A , 1CD , 10 tracks , 49 min , Art (front back inside)

16-07-1981    Hammersmith Odeon    A , 1CD , 12 tracks , 56 min , Art (front back)

18-07-1981    Death of a Plumber, Richfield Colleseum, CL    A , 1CD , 16 tracks , 73 min , Art (front back)

Rare radio interview + live acoustic preformance, 3rd November 2000, Single track, 15min,