Boston, 14th August 2001, no art, not DAO, A
Disc 1: (62:06)
Disc 2: (52:10)

Live At The Max, Amsterdam, 11th November 1997, no art, not DAO, A
rammstein, tier, bestrate mich, weisses fleisch, sehnsucht, asche zu asche, seemann, heirate, du riechst so gut, du hast, buck dich, engel, spiel mit mir, larchzeit, wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen (73:27)

Real Life
Sydney 1983, no art, DAO, A-
Intro, "I Don't Beleive You", Junk People, Danderous, Ballet for Amputees, Take Another Rainbow, Lady of Leisure, Automatic, This Night, Tonights the Night, Parallel Bars, Under the Hammer, You Thrill Me, Open Hearted, Pick Me Up, Always, Walking Shadows, Exploding Bullets (61:27)

Melbourne 1983, no art, DAO, A

Intro, Slow Motion, "I Don't Beleive You", Always, Junk People (small talk, fast talk, early version), Ballet for Amputees, Breaking Point, French Kisses, Open Hearted, Like a (B)Gun, Dangerous, Strangers in the Night, Too Late to Run, Parallel Bars, (cut) You Thrill Me , Automatic, Pick Me Up, Walking Shadows, Exploding Bullets, Open Hearted, Always (76:38)

Real Life/When In Rome
H.O.B., San Diego, CA, 30th March 2008, no art, DAO, B+
When in Rome
Steve West intro, ?, ?, ?, Last Train, Talk Talk, The Promise
Real Life
intro, Bleeding Babies, Catch Me I'm Falling, Always, Nowhere Girl, God Tonight, Send Me An Angel

Reels, The
Melbourne University, 1981, art (front back), Single track, FM, A-

National Bowl Milton Keynes, 30th July 1995, DAO no art, A
Disc 1: What The Frequency, Kenneth * Crush With Eyeliner * Drive * Turn You Inside Out * Try Not To Breathe * I Took Your Name * Undertow * Bang & Blame * I Don't Sleep, I Dream * Strange Currencies * Revolution * Tongue * Man On The Moon (61:02)
Disc 2: Country Feedback * Half A World Away * Losing My Religion * Pop Song 89 * Finest Worksong * Get Up * Let Me In * Everybody Hurts * Departure * Fall On Me * It's The End Of The World (54:07)

Disfigured Night, Live at PopKomm, Cologne , TV, no art, DAO, A+
?, ?, ?, ?, We Are The World (nightmare mix)  (31:21)

Sydney, 1992 World Tour, no art, not DAO, A

Hot Blooded, Dangerous, The Big L., Church Of Your Heart, Things Will Never Be The Same, Dressed For Success, The Look, It Must Have Been Love, Joyride (71:52)

Roxy Music
Song For Europe, Oakland Auditorium CA, 4th April 1979, DAO, SNB, A/A-
15 tracks (79:25)

Secret Manifesto, Hammersmith Odeon, 02-06-1979, DAO, A
11 tracks (58:15)