Stateside Centre, Bournemouth, 16th December 1979, no art DAO, flat, B
1. One Step Beyond 2. Mistakes 3. Believe Me 4. My Girl 5. Swan Lake 6. Razorblade Alley 7. In The Middle Of The Night 8. Tarzan's Nuts 9. Mummy's Boy 10. The Young And The Old 11. Land Of Hope And Glory 12. Rockin´ In A Flat 13. Bed And Breakfast Man 14. The Prince 15. Night Boat To Cairo 16. Madness 17. Lola 18. One Step Beyond (50:16)

Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2nd February 1980, no art, mostly DAO but probably incomplete, FM, A
1. One Step Beyond 2. My Girl 3. Tarzan's Nuts 4. Nightboat To Cairo 5. Madness 6. Decieves The Eye (17:51)

Palalido, Milano, 9th October 1980, no art, DAO, abit harsh but good sound, B
1. One Step Beyond 2. Ernie 3. Mistakes 4. Disappear 5. Bed´n´Breakfast Man 6. Close Escape 7. Overdone 8. Not Home Today /Razor Blade Alley 9. Embarrassment 10. Take It Or Leave It 11. Beat Pete 12. My Girl 13. Shadow Of Fear 14. You Said 15. Swanlake 16. In The Middle Of The Night 17. Baggy Trousers 18. The Prince 19. Rockin' In A/b 20. Madness 21. Night Boat To Cairo 22. One Step Beyond (62:03)

London, 1980, last gig of tour, no art, not DAO, variable but abit dull, A-
One Step Beyond, ?, Mistakes, ?, Return Of The Los Palmas 7, Close Escape, ?, ?, My Girl, ?, ?, Embarrassment, ?, You Said, In The Middle Of The Night, Orange Street, Baggy Trousers, Come On Come On, Madness (50:23)

Markthalle, Hamburg, 29th November 1981, no art, not DAO, B+
Embarrasment, Sign Of The Times, Close Escpae, A Day On The Town, Bed And Breakfast Man, Disappear, Pac-A-Man, When Dawn Arrives, My Girl, Cardiac Arrest, Promises Promises, Take It Up Or Leave It, Shut Up, Tomorrow’s Dream, Mrs. Hutchinson, Baggy Trousers, Missing You, Madness, Grey Day, Come On Come On, It Must Be Love, The Prince, One Step Beyond (74:00)

Nutty Dread, The Domion Theatre London,
3rd March 1983, no art, DAO, A
House Of  Fun, Disappear, Close Escape, Bed & Breakfast, My Girl, Sun & The Rain, Embarrasment, Rise & Fall\Sunday Morning, Mrs Hutchinson, Take It Or Leave It, Razorblade Alley, Tomorrow's Just Another Day, Grey Day, Shut up, Madness, Our House (58:17)

Hudson River Pier 84, New York, 22nd August 1983, no art, not DAO, A
House of Fun, Disappear, Close Escape, My Girl, Night Boat to Cairo, Tomorrow's Dream, Razor Blade Alley, Tomorrow's (Just Another Day), Grey Day, Shut Up, Madness, Baggy Trousers, Our House, Madness (Is All in the Mind), It Must Be Love, Primrose Hill, One Step Beyond (56:38)

Finsbury Park, London, 8th August 1992, no art, not DAO, A
One Step Beyond, The Prince, Embarrassment, My Girl, Land Of Hope And Glory, Razor Blade Alley, It Must Be Love, Tomorrow’s Just Another Day, Shut Up, Bed and Breakfast Man, Our House, Night Boat To Cairo, Madness, House of  Fun, Baggy Trousers (62:37)

Docklands Arena, London ,England –21st December 2002, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: Intro, One Step Beyond, The Prince, My Girl, Embarrassment, Not Home Today, The Sun and The Rain, Land of Hope and Gloty, Driving in my Car, Shup Up, One Better Day, Drip Fed Fred, House of Fun, Tomorrow's Just Another Day, Johnny the Horse, Lovestruck, Grey Day, Our House, On the Wings of a Dove, Baggy Trousers, It Must be Love (77:02)
Disc 2: Intros, Bed and Breakfast man, Madness, Night Boat to Cairo (13:56)

Paradise Theatre, Boston, 4th January 1979
My Tulpa, Give Me Everything, Definitive Gaze, Back To Nature, Parade, Recoil, Permafrost, Light Pours Out, I Love You, You Dummy, Thank You, My Mind

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, 15th August 1980  A
1) Feed The Enemy, 2) Stuck, 3) Permafrost->, 4) THe Light Pours OUt of Me, 5) Because You're Frightened, 6) Parade, 7) Parade (cont'd), 8) Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), 9) Shot By Both Sides, 10) I Want to Burn Again, 11) A Song From Under the Floorboards, 12) Model Worker, 13) 20 Years Ago->Definitive Gaze

Festival Hall, Melbourne, 6th September 1980  A
Give Me Everything, A Song From Under The Floorboards, Permafrost, The Light Pours Out Of Me, Model Worker, Parade, Thank You (Falletinme Be Mic Elf Again), Because You're Frightened, Twenty Years Ago, Definitive Gaze

Manson, Marilyn
The Man That You Fear, Civic Arena, 4th May 1997, no art, not DAO, audience, B+
angels with the scabbed wings, get your gun, cake and sodomy, dried up tied up and dead to the world, tourniquet, lunch box, sweet dreams, the minute of decay, little horn, apple of sodom, antichrist superstar,the beautiful people, the reflecting god, irresponsible hate anthem, 1996, man that you fear (73:56)

Massive Attack
Instant Charma, Roskilde Festival, Denmark, 28th June 1996, no art, not DAO, A
12 tracks (71:45)

Heaven: Stockholm, 18th May 1998, Broadcast on 19.09.98, by Swedish radio P3 Live, art available (front back), DAO, A+
Angel, Risingson, Teardrop, Karmacoma, Spying Glass, Safe From Harm, Heat Miser, Unfinished Sympathy, Group Four (55:41)

Den Haag: 1998, no art, not DAO, A

Mezzanine Live, Royal Albert Hall, no art, DAO, A+
Angel, Risingson, Man Next Door, Daydreaming, Teardrop, Karmacoma, Hymn of the Big Wheel, Eurochild, Spying Glass, Mezzanine, Safe From Harm, Unfinished Sympathy  (70:20)

Royal Albert Hall, 7th June 1998, no art, DAO, FM, A+
Disc 1:   (65:14)
Disc 2:   (42:24)

Brixton Academy, 1999, no art, not DAO (fades and gaps), A+
Disc 1: Angel, Risingson, Man Next Door, Daydreaming, Teardrop, Karmacoma, Hymn of the Big Wheel, Euro Zero Zero, Spying Glass, Mezzanine, One Love, Safe From Harm, Heat Miser (73:28)
Disc 2: Inertia Creeps, Unfinished Sympathy, Group Four, Weatherstorm  (24:02)

McNabb, Ian (Icicle Works)
Liverpool Uni, 14th December 2002, art available, (front back), not DAO, A
Disc 1: (63:17)
Disc 2: (68:44)
Disc 3: (46:21)

Men at Work
Akron, Ohio, 10th October 1982, no art, not DAO, A
Disc 1: No Restrictions, I Can See It In Your Eyes, People Just Love To Play With Words, Overkill, Touching The Untouchables, Catch A Star, F-19, Shintaro, High Wire (34:23)
Disc 2: Down Under, Underground, Helpless Automoton, Who Can It Be Now?, Mr. Entertainer, It's A Mistake, I Like To, Be Good Johnny (43:02)

Astor Theatre, Prahran Melbourne, 13 April 1983, no art, mostly DAO, AM radio, A-
Discover Me, No Restrictions, Mr Entertainer, Longest Hight, Blue For You, Who Can It Be Now, Dr Heckle, Settle Down Boy, Overkill, No Sign Of Yesterday, Down Under, Helpless Automaton, Underground, I Like To, Upstairs In My House, Need Stimulation, It’s A Mistake (75:51)

Devore, CA 28th May 1983, A
I Can See It In Your Eyes, No Restrictions, Mr Entertainer, Longest Night, Blue For You, Who Can It Be Now, Helpless Automaton, I Like To, Underground, Overkill. Down Under, It’s A Mistake, Be Good Johnny ()

Greek Theatre, Berkley, San Francisco, 8th October 1983, no art, DAO, A
?, Dr Heckle and Mr Jive, Protect teh Fire from Your Eyea, ...... (56:55)

San francisco, 1983, no art, not DAO, SB,
from vinyl, A/A-
?, Who Can it be Now?, ......... (41:12)

Men Without Hats
Club Casino, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, 1983, BBC Rock Hour, no art, DAO, A
Ideas for Walls, (57:33)

Edmonton, 1984, no art, not DAO, A

Washington DC, 1984, no art, not DAO, A
?, Antarctica,  (61:59)

Le Spectrum, Montreal, 8th August 1985, no art, DAO, A
Heaven, I Know Their Name, Antarctica, Moderne Dancing, I Sing Last, Jenny, Wore Black, Freeways, Security Ban, The Game I Like, Editions of You, The Safety Dance, I Got The Message, Where Do The Boys Go? (63:33)

Edge Club, Toronto, 1985, no art, DAO, A
Safety Dance, I Like, Where Do The Boys Go?, Ideas For Walls, The Great Ones Remember, I Don't Want to Be a Messiah, ?, Security, I Got The Message, Modern(e) Dancing, Things In My Life (52:14)

Roseland Ballroom NYC, 24th November 1995, no art, DAO, abit dull, A/A-

Disc 1: (47:40)
Disc 2: (50:28)

Michael, George
Inside/From The Heart Royal Albert Hall, London, 20th April 1999, no art, not DAO, A
Long and Winding Road, Faith, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Jesus to a Child, Freedom, ....... (73:47)

Midnight Oil
Head Injuries demos (studio) and 1978 Double Jay concert, no art, live is DAO, A-
DEMOS: Don’t Wanna Be The One, Cold Cold Change, Back On The Borderline, No Reaction, Naked Flame, Bus To Coogee, Koala Sprint
LIVE: Cover Up His Eyes, Dust, Surfing With A Spoon, Nothing Lost Nothing Gained, Powderworks, Run By Night, Used And Abused, Turn My Head Around (69:20)

Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 27th November 1982 (fm), no art, not DAO (applause between songs edited), complete show, from 2 sources, A
Outside World, Only the Strong, Brave Faces, No Reaction, U.S. Forces, Written in the Heart, Short Memory, Knifes Edge, Power and the Passion, Somebody's Trying to Tell Me Something, Armistice Day, No Time For Games, Quinella Holiday, Loves on Sale, Lucky Country, Back On the Borderline, Don't Wanna Be the One, Burnie, Run by Night, Powderworks (77:22)

Mika (to keep the kids happy)
Oxegen Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 7th July 2007, no art, DAO, A
My Interpretation, Billy Brown, Any Other World, Stuck In The Middle, Ring Ring, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics Cover), Happy Ending, I Want You Back (The Jackson 5 Cover), Love Today ()

Minimal Compact
Walking in Circles, Bremen, 15th October 1983,  and Peel Session, 6th June 1985, art, not DAO, A

Inwards T. TonidoMestre Venezia, 1st December 1984, art, DAO, A

Missing Persons
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, 7th August 1983 (plus studio tracks), no art, DAO, A
Mental Hopscotch, Words, Tears, Bad Streets, Windows, Walking In L.A., I Like Boys, Destination Unknown, STUDIO TRACKS (9-12), live drum solo - over 16 minutes (67:03)

Rhyme and Reason Tour, Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre, Irvine California, 5th October 1984, no art, DAO (except for ads cut out and some DJ chat), A
1. Mental Hopscotch 2. Noticeable One 3. The Closer You Get 4. Give 5. Clandestine People 6. Right Now 7. All Fall Down 8. Tears 9. I Like Boys 10. Walking In L.A. 11. Destination Unknown 12. Words 13. No Way Out (50:28)

Pink Pop, 12th June 2000, no art, DAO, A
Porcelain James Bond Theme Go Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Aha Bring Back My Happiness Natural Blues The Sky Is Broken Bodyrock Honey Feeling So Real A Thousand(68:59)

Models, The
World, Demos 1979 and Kingston Hotel, Melbourne, March 1979, Single track (38:14), art (front back), A-
Whisper Through The Wall, Current Affair, Tonight, John From Planet Earth, Atlantic Romantic, Party Girls, Body Shop, Child And A Flame, Golden Arches
Lve Kingston Hotel - John from Planet Earth, Whisper Through The Wall, I'm Not Scared, The Other People Incident, Holiday House, Owe You Nothing, Tonight, Body Shop, Golden Arches  (73:54)

Manly Vale Hotel, Sydney, 1982, no art, not DAO, A
Cut Lunch, Earthed Bird, Man O' Action, Gag Bag (I Hear Motion), Local And/ Or General, Going To The North Pole In August, Idiots In The Village , Burning Love, Happy Birthday IBM, Holy Creation, Elephant Man (53:49)

Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 1st December 2001, art , DAO, A
Current Affair, Whisper Through The Wall, Years Ago, Owe You Nothing, Atlantic Romantic, 2 People Per Sq Km, All Stop, She Pulled The Pin, Vanessa Redgrave, Big Emotion, The Other People Incident, Body Shop, Golden Arches, John From Planet Earth, I'm Still Rockin, Gravity (71:44)

Modern English
Agora Ballroom Cleveland OH, 8th June 1983, art (front back), DAO SB/FM, A

9 tracks (49:27)

Modern Eon
Liverpool/Gronigen 81  no art, DAO, A-
Gronigen-Choreography, Play Wright, Childs Play, High Noon, Real Hymn, After The Party
Liverpool- Second Still, Watching The Dancers, Waiting For The Cavalry, Mechanic, Choreography, Euthenics, Real Hymn (43:59)

Manchester University, 26th May 1997, DAO, 1-7, AND T in the Park Festival, Kinross, Scotland, 13th July 1997, not DAO, 8-14, no art, A

Moyet, Alison
Live in London, 25th November 1985, no art, DAO, A+
Love Resurrection, Invisible, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted, That Little Devil Called Love, Winter Kills, That's the Way Live Is, All Cried Out, Situation, Only You, Don't Go (50:33)

Live in London 1991, no art, DAO, A
It Won't Be Long Ordinary Girl Only Youn Hoodoo Rise Wishing You Were Here Main Man(Meeting With My) Never Too Late Chain Of Fools Find Me Ne Me Quitte Pas Without You Situation(59:28)

Live in Glasgow, 4th December 1995, no art, DAO, A+

Mr Mister
Pull, Unreleased 4th Album 1988