Festival alternative stage Saint-Malo, 10th August 2001, no art, DAO, A
Zimeyka, He took her to a movie, Paco !, Disco-traxx, Holiday 601, Breakfast, Commodore Rock, This is our Sound, Playgirl, Skoolsout, Mu-tron, The Way that i found you (47:51)

Festival stage, Hultsfred, 16th June 2001 (1-12) and 5th December 2001, Peel Session I, Maida Vale Studio 4, London (broadcasted 31st January 2002), no art, DAO, better vocal mix than above, A+
Zimeyka, He took her to a Movie, Paco !, Disco-traxx, Holiday 601, Another Breakfast with you, Commodore Rock, This is our Sound, Playgirl, Skoolsout, Mu-tron, The Way that i found you
Peel Session: Zimeyka, Holiday 601, Another Breakfast with you, Disco-traxx (61:33)

The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, 5th March 2003, no art, DAO, A+

Lowlands Fest, Biddinghuizen, Holland, 29th August 2003, no art, DAO, A+

Zopo, Horst, 11th April 1987, no art, DAO, A


Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 11th November 2004, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: Intro/B Machina, In The Army Now, Dogs Of War, Alle Gegen Alle, Mars On River Drina, God Is God, Tanz Mit Laibach, Du Bist Unser,  Now You Will Pay, Hell: Symmetry (47:39)
Disc 2:The Great Divide, Young Europa, Achtung!, Das Spiel Ist Aus, Wat, Mama Leone, Sympathy For The Devil, Geburt Einer Nation, Opus Dei, Outro: Tanz Mit Laibach (remix)  (50:09)

Leather Strip
Delemold, 18th November 1992, no art, DAO, B+
Intro/ Evil Speaks/ Strap Me Down/ Crash Flight 23292/ Black Gold/ Nothing Seen Nothing Done/ Body Machine Body/ Antius/ Torment Me/ ????/ Mortal Thoughts/ I Am Your Conscience/ Japanese Bodies/ ???? (64:11)


Homelands Festival- Winchester UK, 27th May 2000, DAO, SB, FM, A
Disc 1: Dub Gussert, Chant Of A Poor Man, Black Flute, Storm 3000 (45:35)
Disc 2: Inspection (check one), Afrika Shox, Song Of Life, Phat Planet (42:34)

Lennox, Annie
Central Park, NYC, 9th September 1995, art available, SB, A
Money Can't Buy It, Legend in my Livingroom, Who's That Girl?, You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart, Little Bird, Walking on Broken Glass, Here Comes the Rain Again, Why, Something So Right (feat. Paul Simon)


Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf Holland, 18th May 2002, no art, DAO, A-
All over you, The distance, Selling the drama, They stood up for love, Voodoo lady, Call me a fool, Nobody knows, Lakini's juice, Lightning crashes, The dolphin's cry, White, discussion, Run to the water, I alone, Overcome, Deep enough (77:51)

Lovich, Lene
Hot Club, Philadelphia, PA, 18th March 1980, no art, DAO, A/A-

Monkey, Talk, Egghead, Sleeping Beauty, Writing On The Wall, Momentary Breakdown, The Night You Can't Kill Me, Too Tender(Too Touch)/Say, When, Joan, Angels, Lucky Number, Home, What Would I Do Without You, One in a Million People (61:15)

Live At The Malibou Club, Leo Beach, Long Island, NY, 23rd March 1983, no art, DAO, BBC Introduction and a little of the first track is missing, some interference around the middle of the broadcast due to atmospheric conditions, A
Sister Video 4:12, Joan 3:30, It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) 4:38, Maria 2:52, Bird Song 5:21, Too Tender (To Touch) 4:23, Say When 3:08, New Toy 4:34, Blue Hotel 4:48, Special Star 5:15, Lucky Number 5:03, Angels 3:49, Rocky Road 4:06, End Credits 0:35 (56:22)

Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Illinois, USA, March 31, 1985, no art, DAO, first few seconds of tracks 1 and 12 are missing, A
Savages 3:48, Sister Video 5:13, Joan 3:39, Faces 3:35, It's You, Only You (Mein Schmerz) 4:26, Too Tender (To Touch) 4:31, Say When 3:08, New Toy 4:11, Maria 2:55, Bird Song 5:08, Lucky Number 4:30, Angels 3:25, Blue Hotel 4:26, Rocky Road 4:18 (57:22)