Echo and the Bunnymen
Bookie's, Chicago, 9th April 1981, no art, DAO, B+
Over the Wall, Pride, Show of Strenght, With a Hip, Zimbo, All That Jazz , It Was a Pleasure, Heaven Up Here, Pictures on My Wall, No Dark Things, Villiers Terrace, All I Want, Rescue, Crocodiles (62:04)

Electric porcupine, Nakano Sun-Plaza Hall, Tokyo Japan, 18/1/84, Some DAO, from vinyl, A-
Over the wall, Back of love, Stars a Sstar, Killing Moon, All that Jazz, The Cutter, Never Stop, Crocodile, Zimbo (all the colors), Do it Clean - Bonus Tracks: Roller Coaster, The original cutter a drop in the ocean, The killing moon (all night version) (65:34)

Pandora's Box Festival, Rotterdam, 12th October 1985, no art, DAO, A
Back of Love, My Kingdom, Midnight Hour, (72:35)

Warehouse, Toronto, 30th October 1997, no art, DAO, A
?, The Cutter, Killing Moon, (54:40)

Empire Theatre Liverpool, 11th January 1988, BBC broadcast, DAO no cover art, A
Rescue, Heaven Up Here, With A Hip, Bombers Bay, All I Want, Back Of Love, Crocodiles, Zimbo, Seven Seas, Bedbugs & Ballyhoo, The Cutter, Show Of Strength, Lips Like Sugar, Thorn Of Crowns (58:48)

Apparently compiled from a commercially released DVD - so beware:
Live In Liverpool, Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts, 17th-18th August 2001, no cover art, A
Rescue, Lips Like Sugar, King Of Kings, Never Stop, Seven Seas, Buried Alive, SuperMellowMan, My Knigdom, All My Colours (Zimbo), All That Jazz, An Eternity Turns, The Back Of Love, The Killing Moon, The Cutter, Over The Wall, Nothing Lasts Forever, Ocean Rain (69:53

Webster Hall New York, 25th October 2003, no art, DAO, B+
Show of Strength, Rescue, Silver, Seaven Seas, Rust, Crocodiles, Dancing Horses, Bedbugs, All My Colours, Over the Wall, I'll Fly Tonight, Angels & Devils,
Back of Love, The Killing Moon, The Cutter - Encore #1 Nothing Lasts Forever - Take A Walk On The Wild Side, Lips Like Sugar - Encore #2, Heads Will Roll, Ocean Rain

Glasgow Night Moves, 11th  December 1981, no art, DAO, A
 I've Got An Angel, Never Gonna Cry Again, The Walk, This City Never Sleeps, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Quartier Latin, Berlin, 22nd March 1983, no art, not DAO, A
This Is The House, Never Gonna Cry Again, The Walk, Love Is A Stranger, I've Got An Angel, This City Never Sleeps, Satellite of Love, Sweet Dreams, I Could Give You A Mirror, Invisible Hands, Wrap It Up, Jennifer, Tous Les Garcons Et Less Filles (60:32)

Werchter, 3rd July 1983, art available (front back), SB, DAO, A
this is the house, never gonna cry again, take me to your heart, I’ve got an angel, this city never sleeps, satellite of love, I could give you (a mirror), love is a stranger, somebody told me, wrap it up, Jennifer, sweet dreams (are made of this) (58:06)

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, 1983, no art, not DAO, A
I’ve Got aan Angel, Never Gonna Cry Again, The Walk, This City Never Sleeps, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), I Could Give You (A Mirror), Satellite of Love, Isabelle, Love Is a Stranger, Somebody Hold Me (51:54)

Jack Talking, London, 1984 , no art, SB, A
The First Cut, Never Gonna Cry Again, This Is The House, Here Comes The Rain Again, Regrets, The Walk, This City Never Sleeps, Who's That Girl, I Could Give (You A Mirror), Take Me To Your Heart, Cool Blue, Love Is A Stranger, Somebody Told Me, Sweet Dreams, Right By Your Side, Wrap It Up

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, 5th August 1986, no art, DAO, A

eurythmics 14.02.87 sydney entertainment centre 78 1 sb - not! same disc as above!!!!!

Los Angeles, 14th February 1987, no art, not DAO, A
Disc 1: sex crime, lets go, the last time, here comes the rain again, its alright babys coming back, when tomorrow comes, there must be an angel, whos that girl (45:38)
Disc 2: right by your side, thorn in my side, sweet dreams, would i lie to you, missionary man, sisters are doing it for themselves, the miracle of love (39:25)

Ultra Rare Trax, 1998, A
Love is a Stranger [Art of Mix] , Sweet Dreams [Rhythm Stick] , Here Comes the Rain Again [Art of Mix] , Beethoven [Razormaid] , Sexcrime [Prime Cut] , Grown Up Girls [Hot Tracks] , Take Your Pain Away [Disconet] , Cabi Mix [Art of Mix] , Love is a Stranger [Hot Tracks] (65:15)

Ultra Rare Traxs Vol.1, no art, A+
18 Tracks (78:37)

Ultra Rare Traxs Vol.2, no art, A+
Whisper 2002, Everybody's Fool, Anything For You, Even In Death, Farther Away, Imaginary (Monsters), (My) Tourniquet, Taking Over Me, Haunted, Before The Dawn, I Must Be Dreaming, Hello, Taking Over Me (Long), Missing, Surrender, Bring Me To Life, Breathe No More, Forgive Me (66:04)

Fallen Demos 2002, no art, A+
18 Tracks (66:38)

Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf Holland, 9th June 2003, no art, VCD, great sound, A+
Everybody's Fool, My Last Breath, Bring Me to Life, Torniquet, Imaginary, Whisper, Even in Death (29:32)

Astoria Theatre, London, 19th June 2003, no art, not DAO, good sound, B


Doctor Music Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 21st June 2003, no art, DAO, muffled, dull, variable, not good, B-

Hard Rock Live, Orlando FL, 30th June 2003, no art,
VCD, average sound, A+
Going Under, (24:36)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison CO, 30th August 2003, no art, mostly DAO, A
Intro, Haunted, Going Under, Taking Over, Everybody's Fool, My Last Breath, Bring Me To Life, Tourniquet, Imaginary, Whisper (37:30)

Bring Me To Paris, 16th October 2003, no art, not DAO, A

Congress Theatre, Chicago, 25th February 2004, no art, DAO, dull and abit distant, B

Everything But The Girl
Montreaux Jazz Festival 2000, no art, DAO (annoying French announcer), A
Before Today, Blame, Wrong, Temperamental, Hatfield 1980, Flipside, Single, Low Tide of the Night, Missing, Walking Wounded, Interview (78:52)