Bad Manners
CCO, Lyon­Villeurbanne, France, 25th October 1988, no art, mostly DAO, FM, A
1. Pipeline 2. Just A Feeling 3. Return Of The Ugly 4. My Girl Lollipop 5. Skinhead Girl 6. Sally Brown 7. Lorraine 8. Bonanza Ska 9. James Bond Theme 10. Mafia 11. Big 5 12. Walking In The Sunshine 13. Woolly Bully 14. Ne-ne na-na na-na nu-nu 15. Don't You Be Angry 16. Inner London Violence 17. Special Brew 18. Baby Elephant Walk 19. Lip Up Fatty 20. Can Can (60:25)

Bartos, Karl
Koln Palladium, 31st May 2000, no art, DAO, FM, excellent quality - upbeat Kraftwerk songs, A
Numbers, Computer World, Metropolis, Home Computer/More Fun to Compute, ?, Neon Lights, The Model, Computer Love, Robots, ? not live,  ? not live ?not Bartos (54:45)

Berlin, 23rd May 2005, no art, DAO, abit dull and bassy, B
Numbers, Computer World, Home Computer/More Fun to Compute, Pocket Calculator, Robots, ECG, ?, Boing (51:55)

Teatro Studio, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma, Italy, 10th November 2007, no art, DAO, great sound, B+
Disc 1: Pre Show Sounds, Numbers & Computerworld, The Camera (Long Version), I'm the Message, Home Computer, Reality, The Robots, Ultraviolet, ?, ? (54:12)
Disc 2: ?, Tomorrow Never Knows, The Man Machine, Trans Europe Express, Computer Love, ?, I'm the Message (Felix Da Housecat), Pocket Calculator, 15 Minutes of Fame, "Futurama" (45:27)

Nimègue, Holland, 24th November 1981, no art, not DAO, B+
In The Flat Field, Off Lillies And Remains, Dancing, Terror Couple Kill Colonel, Mask, Kick In The Eye, Hollow Hills, Dark Entries, Telegram Sam, The Spy In The Cab, Stygmata Martyr, Bela Lugosi (49:54)

Tiffanys, Glasgow, 27th June 1983, no art, DAO, A

12 tracks (45:02)

Hammersmith London, 5th July 1983, no art, DAO, A+
Disc 1: burning from the inside,in fear of fear,terror couple kill colonel,the spy in the cab,kingdom's coming,she's in parties,antonin artaud,king volcano,passion of lovers,slice of life,in heaven,dancing,hollow hills,stigmata martyr,kick in the eye,dark entries (68:17)
Disc 2: double dare,in the flat field,boys,god in the alcove,hair of the dog,bela lugosi's dead (28:48)

Beastie Boys
Original Ill, bootleg version of Licenced to Ill before DefJam pulled some songs plus demos of others, mostly same as original, art (front back), A+

Summersault Festival, 31st December 1996, no art, not DAO, bad FM (3JJJ), A-
Slow and Low, .... (56:20)

Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, 20th September 2004, no art, not DAO, low bass but distorts, B
Disc 1: Mix Master Mike Intro, Root Down, Sure Shot, Triple Trouble, Hello Brooklyn, Pass The Mic, Time To Get Ill, Super Disco Breakin, Posse In Effect, Shake Your Rump, Mix Master Mike Intro, Sabrosa, Ricky’s Theme (42:48)
Disc 2: Something’s Got To Give, An Open Letter To NYC, Right Right Now Now, Paul Revere, Body Movin, Brass Monkey, Three MC’s And One DJ, So What’cha Want, Ch-Check It Out, Intergalatic, Gratitude, Sabotage (47:12)

Ultimate Live Masters, A-

Be Bop Deluxe
Keystone Club, Palo Alto, CA, 29th July 1981, no art, not DAO, A
Sleep Cycle, Boom You're Ahead, Don't Touch Me I'm Electric, ..............  (62:47)

Belle and Sebastin
Roseland Theatre PDX OR, 11th September 2001, The night of Sept 11......the band announce "what a waste what has happened, don't think we don't care about what has happened." Songs include: "Jonathan David," "We rule the school," and "turn! turn! turn!" A show full of feeling!, not DAO, no art, B+
Disc 1: 1.Turn Turn Turn (The Byrds) 2. Sleep the clock around 3. The magic of a kind word 4. If your feeling sinster 5. My wandering days are over 6. Jonathan David 7. Don't leave the light on baby 8. The Model 9. Portland Oregon 10. Simple things 11. The boy with the arab strap 12. We rule the school (54:41)
Disc 2: 1. My family tree 2. The state I'm in 3. Dog on wheels 4. The wrong girl 5. There's to much love 6. Legal Man 7. Everyday people (Sly and the Family Stone) (29:38)

Hofstra University Long Island NY, 20th March 1983, no art, DAO, SB/FM, A

World Of Smiles, Now It's My Turn, unknown (Touch & Go?), Lust In the Crowd, Pleasure Victim, Rumor Of Love, Touch , Tell Me Why?, Sex (I'm A...), Masquerade, the Metro, Pictures Of You, Dancing In Berlin (63:31)

Rockers, Houston, 12th April 1983, no art, DAO, B
Intro, Masquerade, Metro, Pictures of You, .............., Dancing in Berlin (65:32)

Universal Ampitheatre, Universal City, California, 1st July 1983, no art, DAO, B+
Masquerade, Metro, Pictures of You, ................. Sufferagette City (77:52)

The Savoy, New York, 23rd July 1983, no art, DAO, abit rough but good, some vinyl bumps, A-
Masquerade, Metro, Pictures of You, World of Smiles, Now It's My Turn, ?, Pleasure Victim, Touch, ?, Sex (I'm a ...), Metro, Sex...cut, ?Crying Over You (63:58)

House of Blues, 24th September 1998, 3 tracks, digiclicks 1st and last few songss, no art, DAO, A-
Masquerade, Touch, ............. , Take My Breath Away(76:58)

Maestros, San Ramon, California, 24th September 1996, no art, single track (disc 1), starts with soundcheck (first 20 mins), DAO, noisy and abit distant, B
Disc 1: Masquerade, ...... (72:21)
Disc 2: (28:50) + demos (total 58:33)

House of Blues, 10th July 1999, no art, DAO, B
Masquerade, Touch, If I Can Love, No More Words, .... (41:03)

Richard Blade Flashback Farewell, The Palace, 28th April 2000, no art, DAO, A
Metro, X Girl, Sex (I'm A ...),  Interview (16:04)

St. James Park- San Jose, CA - June 28, 2001, DAO, audience, B
Intro, Masquerade, the Metro, Happy Birthday Terri, Angel's Wings, Steps, You Dont Know, No More Words, Drug, Pleasure Victim (Acoustic Version), Lost My Mind, Dancing In Berlin, Take My Breath Away, Stranger On the Bus, Sex (I'm A...), Dope Show (Marylin Manson cover), Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode cover) (73:36)

Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, 14th July 2002, no art, not DAO, Distant and bassy, B
Intro, Masquerade, No More Words, Shiny, (57:17)

San Juan, 26th April 2003, no art, DAO, very good, B+
Metro, Drugs, No More Words, Blink of an Eye, Pleasure Victim, In My Dreams, Lost My Mind, Now It's My Turn, Stranger On The Bus, Take My Breath Away, Big Time, Sex (I'm a...), With a Touch, Masquerade (76:44)

Dantes, Portland, 29th May 2003, no art, DAO, quite good but alittle harsh, B+
01. intro 02. Masquerade 03. Drugs 04. No More Words 05. Blink Of An Eye 06. Metro 07. Pleasure Victim 08. In My Dreams 09. Stranger On The Bus 10. Now It's My Turn 11. Big Time 12. Take My Breath Away 13. Sex (I'm A...) 14. With A Touch 15. Never Let Me Down Again (72:56)

Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, 2nd October 2004, no art, DAO, abit distant and bassy but quite good, B
Masquerade, Pictures of You, Its My Turn, Shiny, Metro, Lost My Mind, Erotic City, Blink of an Eye, Take My Breath Away, No More Words, Sex (Im A ...) (55:44)

Unlicensed, Debut era , art to be scanned, not DAO, crowd noise (but not bad) in quiet/meaningful sections, B+
Human Behaviour, One Day, Venus as a Boy, Play Dead, Crying, Violently Happy, Theres More to Life Than This, Big Time Sensuality (36:09)

The Warehouse, Toronto, 7th August 1995 (tracks 1-13), London, 1995 (tracks 14-15), no art, DAO, good sound, B

Live in London, 25th January 1996, no art, not DAO, A+

Coachella Indio CA, 27th April 2002, no art, not DAO, B
All Is Full Of Love, Cocoon, Joga, Pagan Poetry, Hunter, Generous Palmstroke, Isobel, 5 Years, Gotham Lullaby, Bachelorette, Heirloom, Army Of Me, It's In Our Hands, Human Behaviour, Pluto

Black Eyed Peas
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 27th February 2004, no art, DAO, A

Disc 1: (51:27)

Disc 2: (30:58)

Black Sabbath
King Biscuit Flower Hour, Live in New Jersey, 6th August 1975, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: Killing Yourself to Live, Hole in the Sky, Snow Blind, Symptom of the Universe, Warpigs, ?, Megalomania (41:16)
Disc 2: Sabra Cadabra, Supernaught, Iron Man, Orchid/Rock 'n Roll Doctor, Black Sabbath, Spiritual  Architect, Embryo/Children of the Grave, Paranoid (58:56)

(great demo of
"I've Seen the Word" on SFX magazine compilation - see S)

Lyon, 27th May 1982, no art, DAO, good sound, A
?, ?, ?, I've Seen the Word, Feel Me, Blind Vision, Gods Kitchen, Waves, Living on the Ceiling, ?, Feel Me, Waves (45:09)

BBC Radio Theatre, London, 1983, no art, Single track, A
Gods Kitchen, Living on the Ceiling, I've Seen the Word, Can't Explain, Waves, Feel Me (25:07)

Hammersmith Odeon London, 1984, no art, DAO, SB, A
Don't Tell Me, What's Your Problem?, That's Love That It Is, Don't You Love It All?, Why Don't They Leave Things Alone?, God's Kitchen, Lose Your Love, Paradise Is, Other Animals, Game Above My Head, Living On The Ceiling, I've Seen The Word, Kind, Blind Vision

Ritz, 1985, no art, DAO, A
Don't Tell Me, What's Your Problem?, Don't You Love It All?, Game Above My Head, That's Love That It Is, Lose Your Love, God's Kitchen, Living On The Ceiling, Kind, Blind Vision, Feel Me (51:05)

By Invitation Only
1-11 Beat Club Bremen Germany, February 1978, DAO, A
12-24 Beacon Theatre New York 16th December 1984, DAO, A-
(13-20 performed by debbie harry,chris stein and tiger bomb)
(22-24 performed by debbie harry and the ramones)

x offerder, little girl lies, look good in blue, man overboard, in the flesh, i`m on e, love at the pier, i didn`t have the nerve to say no, bermuda triangle blues (flight 45), kidnapper, youth nabbed as sniper
introduction by john watwers, new rose, danger (red light), liar liar, institutionalized, in the flesh, rapture, comic books, the attack of the giant ants, debbie harry introduces the ramones, go camaro go, you`re a loudmouth, havana affair (68:55)

Dallas, Texas, 1980, 1-9, (Got the vinyl as "Little Doll"),  & Walnut Theater, Philadelphia 11th June 1978, no art, DAO, excellent sound, A
Dreaming, In The Sun, Hanging on the Telephone, Look Good in Blue, Slow Motion, Sunday Girl, X Offender, Picture This, Denise, Fade Away and Radiate, ?, One Way or Another, Heart of Glass, 11:59, Get it On (75:22)

Glasgow Apollo, 31st December 1979, art available (front back), DAO, A

Blondie-midnight blonde (scotland 31-12-79) - SEE ABOVE
x offender, dreaming, slow motion, shayla, union city blue, atommic, eat to the beat/picture this, pretty baby, heart of glass, hanging on the telephone, sunday girl

Hammersmith Odeon, London (day3), 12th January 1980, no art, DAO (mostly), A
Disc 1: Dreaming (3:33), Slow Motion (3:07), Shayla (4:04), Union City Blues (3:24), The Hardest Part (3:45), Atomic (6:04), Living In The Real World (2:45), Denis (3:15), Picture This (2:53), Die Young, Stay Pretty (3:15), Accidents Never Happen (4:16), Victor (3:12) (43:35)
Disc 2: Heart Of Glass (5:21), Eat To The Beat (2:55), Hanging On The Telephone (2:36), Louie, Louie (4:30), I Feel Love (7:35), Heroes (6:35), I Feel Good (2:43), Sunday Girl (4:15), Pretty Baby (5:57), One Way Or Another (6:28) (48:58)

Vega Copenhagen, 28th October 1998, no art, DAO, good audience, B+
Dreaming, Hanging on the Telephone, Screaming Skin, Atomic, Forgive and Forget, Shayla, Union City Blue, Sunday Girl, Maria, Call Me, One Way or Another, In the Flesh, Boom Boom in the Zoom Zoom Room, Rapture, Rip Her to Shreads (73:25)

Roskilde Festival,  1999, no art, DAO, A
Dreaming, Hanging on the Telephone, Nothing But the Girl, Shayla, Union City Blue, Atomic, The Tide is High, Sunday Girl, One Way or Aanother, Call Me, Denis, Maria, Heart of Glass (55:18)

Boston, 2nd December 2002, DAT recording with sonic studios mics, no art, DAO, excellent audience, B++
Disc 1: Diamond Bridge, Screaming Skin, Dreaming, Hanging on the Telephone, Call Me, Detroit, Bike Boy, Sunday Girl, Maria, Accidents, Tide is High, Shayla/Union City, Golden Rod (51:04)
Disc 2: See No Evil, Havan Affair, Warchild, One Way or Another, Rapture, Heart of Glass, Pet Semetary (46:26)

La Cigale, Paris, 6th July 2004, no art, not DAO (blocks of DAO tracks), slightly muffled but good, B+
Disc 1: Intro (Escape from NYC - John Carpenter), Atomic, Dreaming, Hanging on the Telephone, X-Offender, Hello Joe, Good Boys, Maria, Screaming Skin, Rules For Living, End to End, Accidents Never Happen, Touched By Your Presence Dear, Tide is High (54:32)
Disc 2: Riffle Range, Picture This, Undone, Call Me, One Way Or Another, Rip Her To Shred-Hit The Road Jack, Rapture, Heart Of Glass (40:27)

The Mile End Stadium, East London, 17th June 1995, no art, DAO, A
Tracy Jacks 4:29, Sunday, Sunday 3:24, Chemical World 4:08, End Of A Century 3:08, Globe Alone 2:34, Pop Scene 3:15, Magic America 4:26, Country House 4:32, Jubilee 2:45, To The End 4:05, Advert 3:19, Girls & Boys 4:45, Stereotypes 3:14, Far Out 2:01, Bank Holiday 1:52, For Tomorrow 6:28, Parklife 3:42, Daisy Bell 2:43, This Is A Low 5:51 (70:48)

Bon Jovi
Hi Mamma! - Wembley Stadium, London, 25th June 1995, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: Intro, Livin' On A Prayer, You Give Love A Bad Name, Wild In The Streets, Keep The Faith, Blood On Blood, Always, I'd Die For You, Blaze Of Glory, Runaway, Dry County, Lay Your Hands On Me (73:41)
Disc 2: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead/(Papa Was A Rolling Stone), Bad Medicine/(Shout), Bed Of Roses, Hey God, These Days, Rockin All Over The World (with Little Steven), I Don’t Like Mondays / (with Bob Geldof), Wanted Dead Or Alive, This Ain't a Love Song (79:45)

Boomtown Rats
On a night like this, 1984, no art, mostly DAO, A+
Elephant's graveyard, Charmed life, Lucky, Neon heart, Someone's looking at you, Dave, Hold of me, I don't like Mondays, Talk in code, Rat trap, Drag me down, Looking after number one (56:12)

Bowie, David
A Potrait in Flesh, Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles, 5th September 1974, DAO, A 
Disc 1: Intro, 1984, Rebel Rebel, Moonage Daydream, Sweet Thing, Changes, Suffragette City, Aladdin Sane, All The Young Dudes, Cracked Actor, Rock 'N' Roll With Me (53:52)
Disc 2: Knock On Wood, It's Gonna Be Me, Space Oddity, Diamond Dogs, Big Brother, Time, The Jean Genie, Rock 'N' Roll Suicide, John I'm Only Dancing (Again)

Live in New York City, Nassau Colleseum, art to be scanned, 12/2/76, B/B-
TVC 15, Diamond Dogs, Fame, Changes, Panic in Detroit, Station to Station, Suffragette City, Stay, Rebel Rebel (58:46)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, 11th April 1978, no art, mostly DAO, A
Disc 1:
Warszawa, Heroes, What In The World, Be My Wife, The Jean Genie, Blackout, Sense of Doubt, Speed of Life, Breaking Glass, Beauty And The Beast, Fame (47:33)
Disc 2:
Five Years, Soul Love, Star, Hang On To Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Rock 'N' Roll Suicide, Art Decade, Alabama Song, Station To Station, Stay, Tvc 15, Rebel Rebel ()

Radio Bremen, Bremen 30th May 1978, pixely TV but quite good, no art, single track, DAO, and London 23rd April 1979 (4 tracks), VCD, A-
Sense of Doubt, Beauty and the Beast, Heroes, Stay, Jean Genie, TVC 15, Moon of Alabama, Rebel Rebel, .....

Another Stage, Gothenburg Scandinavium, 4th June 1978, art available (finally a release of the complete concert in Gothenburg 1978. For the first time is STAY / TVC 15 / REBEL REBEL available on disc. The sound quality is excellent and even better than on any earlier issues on vinyl or CD! The only sad thing is the cut in STAY, but it probably comes from the master tape? Excellent sound quality and the complete concert), A
Disc 1 – Warszawa, Heroes, What In The World, Be My Wife, The Jean Genie, Blackout, Sense Of Doubt, Speed Of Life, Breaking Glass, Fame, Beauty And The Beast, Five Years, Soul Love, Star, Hang On To Yourself, Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City (72:38)
Disc 2 - Art Decade, Alabama Song, Station To Station, Stay, Tvc 15, Rebel Rebel, Heroes (Copenhagen, Falkoner Teatret 31.05.78), Sound & Vision, Fame both London, Earl's Court 01.07.78) (50:14)

Vampires of Human Flesh, 1980, demos and alternative versions, artwork available, A+
Scream Kile a Baby, Because You're Young, Kingdome Come, Up the Hill Backwards, It's No Game, Is There Life After Marriage, Up the Hill Backwards, Teenage Wildlife, Kingdome Come, Scary Monsters (xx:xx)

Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, 12th September 1983, no art, not DAO, VCD A
Disc 1: Look Back in Anger, Heroes, What in the World, Golden Years, Fashion, Breaking Glass, Life on Mars, Sorrow, Cat People, China Girl (
Disc 2: Scary Monsters, Rebel Rebel, White Light White Heat, Station to Station, Cracked Actor, Ashes to Ashes, Space Oddity, Young Americans, Fame (46:21)

Montreal Forum, 13th July 1983, not DAO (bump between tracks), art available, A
Disc 1: 1. Look Back In Anger 2. Breaking Glass 3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) 4. Rebel Rebel 5. Heroes 6. What In The World 7. Life On Mars? 8. Sorrow 9. Golden Years 10. Fashion 11. Let's Dance 12. Red Sails 13. China Girl 14. White Light White Heat
Disc 2: 1. Station To Station 2. Cracked Actor 3. Ashes To Ashes 4. Space Oddity 5. Band Introductions 6. Young Americans 7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) 8. TVC15 9. Fame 10. Star 11. Stay 12. The Jean Genie 13. I Can't Explain 14. Modern Love

From the Phoenix the Ashes Shall Rise,  Stratford Phoenix Festival, 18th July 1996 - plus studio, artwork available
Disc 1: ........... (xx:xx)
Disc 2: ........... (xx:xx)

Unlicensed, Date NA, art to be scanned, Single track, B+
Ugly Time/Fashion, Scary Monsters, All the Madmen, Never Let Me Down, Big Brother, 87 and Cry, Heroes, Sons of the Silent Age, Time Will Crawl, Young Americans, Beat of the Drum, Jean Genie, Let's Dance, Fame, Time, Blue Jean (78:12)

Budokan, Tokyo, 4th June 1996, art available (front back back2),  DAO, A
Disc 1: (66:06)

Disc 2: (64:13)

BBC Studios, London, 8th January 1997, no art, not DAO (Acoustic) (fm), A
Dead Man Walking, Quicksand, Aladdin Sane, The Man Who Sold the World, The Supermen, Andy Warhol, Repetition, Lady Stardust, White Lite/White Heat, Shopping For the Girls, Always Crashing in the Same Car, I Can’t Read (44:52)

Madison Squrare Garden (with guests), 9th January 1997, no art, DAO, A+
Disc 1: (66:58)
Disc 2: (62:15)

VH1 Storytellers, New York, 23rd August 1999, no art, DAO, A+
Life On Mars, Story #1, Rebel Rebel, Story #2, Thursday's Child, Story #3, Can't Help Thinking About Me, Story #4, China Girl, Story #5, Seven, Story #6, Drive In Saturday, Story #7, Word On A Wing, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Drive In Saturday, Rebel Rebel, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Interview, Thursday's Child, Rebel Rebel (71:52)

L'Olympia, Paris, 1st July 2002, no art, DAO, A
Disc 1: (74:04)
Disc 2: (53:41)

L'Olympia, Paris, 1st July 2002, no art, DAO, single track, VCD, A
Disc 1: Stay,
I've Been Waiting So Long, Breaking Glass, Cactus, Slip Away, China Girl, 5:15 The Angels Have Gone, Fashion, Be My Wife, Ashes to Ashes, Afraid (50:21)
Disc 2: Changes,
.Fame, Heroes, Heathen (The Rays), Everyone Says Hi, Hallo Spaceboy, Lets Dance, I Am Afraid of Americans, Ziggy Stardust (49:04)

Live in Washington D.C., 28th July 2002, art available (front back), DAO, great audience,  B+
(74:41) - last track 50:54 - Buster Rhymes - Virginia Maryland DC)

Area 2 Festival, Mountain View CA, 14th August 2002, no cover art, B
Disc 1: Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, Breaking Glass, Cactus (Pixies Cover), China Girl, Slip Away, Stylophone - Major Tom (tease), Fame, I'm Afraid Of Americans (37:40)
Disc 2: I've Been Waiting For You, 5.15 the Angels Have Gone, Heros, Heathen (the Rays), A New Career In A New Town, Fashion, Everyone Says 'Hi', Let's Dance, Ziggy Stardust (43:15)

An Evening with David Bowie, Maidavale Studios and Parkinson Show September 2002, Johnathan Ross Show July 2002, art available (front back), DAO (except TV shows), great sound, A+

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, 26th February 2004, no art, DAO, quite good, B
Disc 1: ()
Disc 2: ()

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, 27th February 2004, no art, DAO, alittle distant but OK, B
Disc 1: (76:44)
Disc 2: (71:11)

British Beat, The

The Palace Theater- Hollywood CA, 3rd August 1983, no art, DAO, SB, A
twist and crawl, big shot, doors of your heart, tears of a clown, too nice to talk to, spar wid me, save it for later, get a job, stand down margaret, jeanette, sole salvation, i am your flag, drowning, hands off...she's mine, ackee 1 2 3, two swords, ranking full stop, mirror in the bathroom, i confess, end of the party, click click, best friend, jackpot (77:48)

Buggles, The

From Chromium to Asia, Studio recordings, demos and alternate takes - 1978/2001, A
Radar angels, Forces of light, Star to star, Time traveler, Castaway, Haunted disco, Beam on, Caribbean air control, Fly on UFO (Chromium featuring Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, from "Star to star" album, 1978), Video killed the radio star (The Buggles live at The Mean Fiddler, London, 12/3/1998, audience recording, B), I would die for you, She knows, Only you, Just as long as I need you, Running out of time, Summer can't last too long, Don't say it again (John Wetton and Geoff Downes demos, 1990), The carpet crawlers 1999 (Genesis with Trevor Horn, from "Turn it on again, the hits", 1999), Estoy listo para ir a mi casa (Asia collectors' single, 2001, Spanish version of "Ready to go home") (79:47)

Acoustic Christmas, Universal Ampitheatre, CA, 18th December 1995, AND Bemder Arena, Washington, 25th August 1995, no art, DAO, A
Glycerine, Comedown, Machinehead, Hotel California/Everything Zen, The One I Love, Little Things (41:32)
Monkey, Everything Zen, X-Girlfriend, Gave it all Away, Comedown, Swim (31:06)

Bush, Kate
Cathy’s Home Demo’s, 1-24 Home Demos 1974, 25-29 Studio out-takes with the KT Bush Band 1975, B
1 Babooshka - 2 Kashka from Baghdad - 3 Coming up - 4 Oh, to be in love - 5 Playing canasta - 6 Snow - 7 Ferry me over - 8 Lionhearts - 9 Violin - 10 The craft of love - 11 Queen Eddie - 12 In my garden - 13 Frightened eyes - 14 Never the less - 15 Goodnight baby - 16 So soft - 17 I don't see why I shouldn't - 18 Babooshka (version 2) - 19 The kick inside - 20 Hammer horror - 21 A rose growing old - 22 Keep me waiting - 23 Davy - 24 Disbelieving angel - 25 Don't push your foot on the heartbrake - 26 Kite - 27 L'Amour looks something like you - 28 Strange phenomena - 29 Really gets me going (79:47)

Live in Manchester, 10/4/1979, from vinyl, DAO, B
Disc 1: Moving, saxophone song, room for the life, them heavy people, the man with the child in his eyes, Egypt, l'amour looks something like you, violin, the kick inside, in the warm room, fullhouse (42:49)
Disc 2: strange phenomena, kashka from Baghdad, wow, coffee homeground, in search of peter pan, symphony in blue, feel it, james and the cold gun, oh england my lionheart

Noise Annoys, Palladium NYC, 1st December 1979, not DAO, A

I Don't Mind, Autonomy, Ever Fallen in Love?, Mad Mad Judy, Sixteen Again, Pulsebeat, Noise Annoys, Love You More, What Do I Get?, Harmony in My Head, Everybody's Happy Nowadays,
You Say You Don't Love Me, I Don't Know What To Do With My Life, I Believe, Fast Cars, Breakdown, Boredom (54:55)

Byrne, David
Congress Centrum, Hamburg Germany, 31 May 1994, no art, DAO, A
Long Time Ago Tiny Town God Child My Love is You And She Was This Must Be The Place Crash Lilies Of The Valley Government Sad Song Nothing At All Back In The Box Marching Through The Wilderness Once In A Lifetime Angels Buck Naked Psycho Killer Moonlight In Glory