Bad Traders

Marc Fentress
Ray Paterson
Roman Münch

Found another asshole:

marc fentress <>

Last I hear he sent them to the wrong address - nothing ever arrived

He's on

Marc Fentress
575 West Pecos Road
# 1015
Chandler,Az 85225

If he contacts you say "Hi" from me - won't return my emails - avoid him he will rip you off!

Has ripped off others too - so I hear!

RAY PETERSON aka Rat Peterson aka The Ultimate Fucker!

WARWICK, RI  02886

I just want my 12 CD's!

JOHN FOXX - Birmingham 1983 2D
SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK Riverside, London 7/26/85
THOMPSON TWINS Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, England 1983 1D
LENE LOVICH Hot Club, Philadelphia, PA 3/18/80 1D
Paradise, Boston, MA&nbsp; 3/79
Whisky&nbsp; 3/15/79&nbsp;&nbsp; (1st show)1D
Bookies, Detroit&nbsp; 3/8/79 or 8/3/79
Jaap Eden Hall 19801D - not arrived
Cornwall 19811D
Gothenburg, Sweden 1981 1D - mot arrived

I will happily retract this when they arrive (actually I will never retract this) - just get no replies except an illness excuse 2 months ago - have seen on another site that he is slow - slow is OK but the lack of communication gets to me!

In fact he is a total prick - don't have anythig to do with him at all - he's had almost 200 free CD's from various traders - stories abound about his antics from all over the world.  If tyou live near him........................................

And he's done it to plenty of others - look at discussions and here


Well - what a surprise - the discs arrived. A trade set up in September 2003 ended in July 2005 - what it means is that I now have doubles as I traded elsewhere for the strikethrough discs from others - what a fucking waste - he remains an asshole in my book - avoid at all costs!!!!!!


roman münch
bonner talweg 75
53113 bonn

Unpleasant trader!

"today is no concert arrived. if i received not this week, please send again. i want to trade again with you."
After only a week! Australia to Germany - no kidding mate!

2 days later
"i received yesterday. thank you !!"

We trade again and I receive 2 concerts exactly the same and one missing.
I ask about it - disregards the double but sparks on the missing disc:

"do you think that i send ONE cd around the world ??"

Well, um, YES!

We set up a third trade - now his email does not work (and he's on tapetrader) -

Just avoid him - he's a dick!